Santa’s arrival at iPlay America in Freehold NJ

It’s that time of year to get in out of the cold! At iPlay America, the indoor boardwalk, Santa is onsite every Sunday 11/27-12/18 from 11am-6pm. Meet and greet and photo opportunities with Santa are free for any age!

You don’t even need to book the time slot, or pay any entry fee for iPlay itself.  Just head over and bring your phone or camera though because they aren’t doing professional photos (that I know of).

iPlay has added some great new features,  so once you’re there join in the fun!

Their all-new attractions XD Dark Ride and Ballocity have finally opened since June! Everything is purchased by using credits on your preloaded iPlay card which is used for the arcade,  or by purchasing the credits separately at the from desk.

We did the Godzilla XD show since if you know my son,  he’s a huge Godzilla fan.  Wow,  it did not disappoint.  It was better than I expected and the theater is super clean.

iPlay America has been hard at work over the last year enhancing the guest experience, level of fun, and entertainment options. Along with the 2 new attractions they have introduced new rides and more recently a prize filled Redemption Store in the Arcade!

There were about 5 different birthday parties going on while we were there but they seemed to have them all planned out as far as ride times and rooms to hold each.

They have about 5 different party rooms and the host brings the group around to experience each of the rides and activities during a time slot where only the party guests enjoy the ride all together without outsiders on the ride with them.

Did I mention there is fried oreos and funnel cake?

Laser tag had to be one of my favorite things we did there! You get 8 minutes of uninterrupted play in a huge arena. Intense music plays, and they can do teams or free-for all depending on the group size which can be as small as 2 people. Laser tag cost is 20 credits per 8 minutes per person. Not too bad when you compare it to other places laser tag costs.

Adults can all join in on all of the fun too. I even got in on alittle ride action, I’m a big fan of the go karts and the taxi roller coaster!

I hope you take this opportunity to go visit Santa while he’s there until 12/18! Again, he’s only there on Sundays from 11-6pm.


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