The Beautiful 2015 Hyundai Sante Fe Limited Edition, Chuggington, Tball, & NY Baby Show

2015 Hyundai Sante Fe Limited Edition AWD


I was so excited when I heard I would be testing out the all new 2015 Hyundai Sante Fe in the Limited Edition with All Wheel Drive. It was fully loaded and had so much to offer a family of 4 like mine.

Thanks to the 411 Mommas and Drive Shop for making this review possible.

I LOVE being able to be a guest on the 411 Mommas!

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How nice is this vehicle? I mean, seriously, the color is so luxurious, as is the inside. I felt so proud driving this around town and it made me want to seriously consider buying one for my next family SUV. It is a little bigger then what I am used to, but it handled so well that wasn’t an issue at all.

Some of the features that I really loved were the safety features. Like the blind spot monitor which alerts you by beeping or lighting up whenever someone is in your blind spot. How it works, is the car senses when another vehicle is on the side of your car. If you’re driving on the highway, the light will just illuminate as the cars drive by. Right when you put your blinker on to get over (depending on the direction your going) it will beep if there is a vehicle in you blind spot on the side where you’re trying to go.


Talk about luxury, this baby has heated AND air conditioned seats as well as a heated steering wheel option. The steering wheel sensitivity can also be changed based on what you’re most comfortable with. The frosted mocha color is the one I had, and I have to say it was beautiful! The interior felt so clean with the light wood grain and beige and black seats.

The 3rd row seats have their own controls for heating and air conditioning which is excellent. Any time you have a large SUV, it’s always an issue controlling the temperature throughout the entire vehicle. The back usually has a vent, but not it’s own temperature controls, so that was great. There is also a 12V socket that you can plug into in the trunk as well which is neat. You can blow dry your hair in the trunk of your car in desperate situations! Haha!


The over-sized moon roof extends all the way to the 3rd row seating and would make a great “camp out” for kids in the summer to watch the stars with the AC on and maybe a pillow and blanket. There isn’t only a moon roof. The front portion of the glass is actually a sun roof. You can choose to have that open fully, just a tad, or not at all.

I didn’t have to use the 3rd row seating this time, because it was only the 4 of us in the vehicle this week, so I kept the 3rd row seats down the whole week. When I tell you there is a ton of room, that is almost an understatement. I fit my sons stroller back there, and 2 giant bags of laundry and I still had room for about 3 times that back there. The back seats were split apart, which I loved because you don’t have to lower a rear seat to get to the 3rd row. That was always a turn off for me in other 3rd row seating vehicles because I have 2 kids in car seats. So it was a hassle to pull down the seat for someone to climb back there and again when they get out. It also just made the vehicle feel so open and fresh.

This option had tinted windows, which helped keep it cooler inside. Even though the tinted windows kept most of the sun out of my kids eyes, it was nice to have the visors built in to give that extra sun block. My 2 year old seems to always have the sun-facing seat and complains during most family trips in our current vehicle but he did not complain at all in this one!

I am so in love with this SUV, that even though the gas mileage is 19 MPG and about 10 MPG less the my current vehicle, I don’t even mind. It is so worth the extra gas money to have the added safety and convenience to me. Plus, I started with a full tank, and drove it to and from work each day, and I didn’t even need to put gas in it the entire week. So for my personal use, it was fine and not a gas guzzler.

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I hope you get a chance to check out this car, you will not be let down!

NurturMe Certified Organic Snacks for babies and toddlers – GIVEAWAY

NurturMe is the first and only family of certified-organic, dried fruit and veggie meals and snacks created to nourish healthy growth and overall wellness in little ones.

Bursting with vital nutrients and fresh organic flavor, NuturMe’s Quinoa infant cereals, dried NurturMeals baby food and Yum-a-Roo’s toddler snacks help parents feed their children better from first bites to first steps, and everywhere in between!

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  • 1 yum-a-roo toddler snacks
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  • 1 coupon
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About NurturMe:

NurturMe is the first and only family of certified-organic, dried fruit and veggie meals and snacks created to nourish healthy growth and overall wellness in little ones. Bursting with vital nutrients and fresh organic flavor, NuturMe’s Quinoa infant cereals, dried NurturMeals baby food and Yum-a-Roo’s toddler snacks help parents feed their children better from first bites to first steps, and everywhere in between.

NurturMe provides innovative and sustainable options for busy, modern parents to help ensure their children are getting the nutrition they need to live a yummy life – including the first 100% pure quinoa alternative to traditional rice cereals, dry pouch infant meals that can be mixed with breast milk or formula for added nutrients, and healthy toddler snacks that deliver 1.5 servings of fruit AND veggies in each pouch.

Made from specially selected super fruits and veggies that are quick-dried in order to preserve freshness, flavor and vital nutrients, NurturMe baby and toddler foods are certified organic, gluten-free, non-GMO and kosher, with no added preservatives, sugars or salts. Good for baby and Mother Earth, NurturMe’s dried fruit and veggie foods are super lightweight and made in the USA, leaving a smaller carbon footprint on our planet than the other options found in the baby aisle. Additionally, every 3-pack box of NurturMe Eco-Pouches keeps more than 45 plastic baby food squeeze pouches out of our landfills.

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NurturMeals organic dry meal pouches are rich in nutrients and super versatile for feeding both infants and toddlers. Simply mix them with breast milk, formula or water to create a puree for babies, or into toddler favorites like pastas, baked goods or yogurts for an added boost in protein and nutrients.

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Available in four lip-smacking flavors: Bountiful Bites (Banana, Apple and Broccoli), Caribbean Crop (Pea, Banana and Pineapple), Tropical Twist (Banana, Mango and Pineapple) and Happy Harvest (Pea, Sweet Corn and Apple).

Good luck and if your child has tried NurturMe please comment below on your thoughts!

2015 New York Baby Show – Momtrends Blogger Lounge Edition; Bumpboxes, Mabels Labels, Uber, The Nanny League & More!

2015 New York Baby Show Blogger Lounge Edition

hosted by Momtrends.comimage

I was invited to the Blogger Lounge hosted by Momtrends (pictured above) this past weekend at the New York Baby Show in NYC. It was such an amazing experience even though I was running around that day.

The “view from the top” in the lounge was amazing. Being in a location with hundreds of people cramming around, especially with a toddler and a 7 year old can be overwhelming. Especially when you’re a blogger and trying to make connections with vendors and learn about all of the new and upcoming items they have. The Blogger Lounge was a nice retreat to normalcy, or even luxury I might say.


imageThe Glam Squad was there to help us moms get dolled up imagewith a little “mommy time”  and relaxation mani/pedi. They were also doing hair and make-up. Glam Squad is an on-demand, in-home beauty service in NYC that sends the hair stylist and makeup artist straight to you. Check them out!


The Nanny League “College-Educated Nannies” was on call for those of us who had the tots tagging along. I mean, we all know it’s hard enough to get dressed with the little ones running around, nevermind get done up by the glam squad or talk to vendors. I was exclusive to bloggers, and that was very nice. I felt at ease when my little ones were playing in there and being watched by The Nanny League. They’re available in the NJ/NY/PA/CT. Check them out www.thenannyleague.comimage


Mabel’s Labels had a table set up in the lounge and so graciously provided us mommas with a custom Mabel’s Labels set. If you haven’t heard about Mabel’s Labels yet, they provide custom labels for all of the stuff kids loose! They are all washer safe, UV safe, and come in various styles. Think of all of the items you can label to ensure they come back with your little ones. These are perfect for daycare or camps, but can even be useful for daily outings and finding shoes at a play place.image



I did not get to visit all of the vendors that I had planned to visit because we got there late due to missing our train, however I am excited I got to chat with the vendors at Bump Box. I am a subscription box junky, and I love the “Christmas feeling” I get whenever a new box shows up at my doorstep with unknown contents. Although I am not expecting, I have tons of friends who are, or who are planning to get pregnant soon. The contents are not only for baby, but geared toward the moms and items that they can try in order to make their pregnancy for comfortable. For instance, this box I received from them to review has an EOS (ahhh, I love EOS!) lip balm in sweet mint. I never tried this flavor and it is very soothing on the lips. It also contained a caffeine free energy drink (yess!!!) a mini mascara for on the go, and some Babyganics hand sanitizer because we all know that new moms need to stock up on this in every room! You can order a monthly subscription (use code BUMPLIFE40 for 40% off your first $39.99 subscription) or just pick out items you like from their list (get 20% off any item code BUMPLIFE20). The great thing is, you can get a random box OR build your own. If you do go with the random box, and you get an item you already have, you can send it back and they’ll refund that portion or provide you with another comparable item! Check out today.image







I also loved the Cannon demonstration, the Baby Healthcare Station, and the Babies R Us tables. Baby Mum Mums was a life saver with their samples because my 3 year old doesn’t eat a lot of variety. He refused to eat the sandwiches that were provided, and only managed to eat 1 cookie (yes, he refused all other cookie offerings). He ate 3 Baby Mum Mums while we waited for our Uber!

All in all, even though I rushed around, it was a great experience and a calm one in the midst of all the chaos thanks to the Blogger Lounge. Thank you Momtrends for an amazing day out in NYC with my boys!image

Kale Chips Recipe Plus win a $250 Visa Gift Card



You can win a $250 Visa Gift Card just by learning to make Kale Chips and #Shakeyourkale!

Watch the video below for details on recipe and of course how to enter the contest.

Make sure to do your own video of shaking your kale “Make your own Kale Chips” by the Kitchen Twins ($3.99 at your local grocer – Shoprite, Pennington, etc..) and tag Itz_Cheryl and KitchenTwins on Instagram and hashtag #ShakeyourKale and #NJBlogger to be eligible to win.

Anyone can enter but purchase of product is necessary. Contest is valid from 5/16 and the winner will be randomly chosen from the hashtags on June 1st.

A tip; I also now buy this “Make your own Kale Chips” bag of triple washed Kale instead of the fresh Kale at the store when using it in my other recipes. It is so fresh and crispy, already washed thoroughly, and I can make some Kale Chip appetizers while using the rest of my Kale in my entree’!

Good Luck and happy Shaking!

Horse Haven World Adventures Mobile App


When I was a teen, the game “The Sims” came out for PC and I was hooked.

The game allowed you to basically raise another person and tell them what to do. Build your own new home, furnish it with the newest appliances, and the best part, find a job and make as much money as you could!

For me, I’d always be upset about the fact that my game play was so limited and I only got to play it when stationed at the desktop computer.

With all of the new apps out there, I am so surprised it took so long for a game like this to come out. Finally, UbiSoft got it right when they came out with this FREE app!

I am talking about Horse Haven; New World Adventures. This is every little girls dream! You raise and breed horses. Keep the stables neat and clean, and race and ride them!

If you have a young daughter, or if your like simulation games like I do, I suggest you check it oy! You can get extra diamonds and points to build your farm land bigger and better and the possibilities are endless!

The only quam I have with this game is I feel like they are trying to get you to buy and buy when it comes to speeding up r process, but I guess that’s how ever free app is now a days. They have to make money some how.

I give this game a 3 out of 5 stars because if the slight difficulty of use and the time lapse if you don’t pay for diamond, but I hope this is the start of more simulation games in the app store in the future!

As of 2018, Horse Haven is now available on PC making this game that much more fun!

Check it out and get it here:


iPlay America – Laurie Berkner for 2 Concerts June 14


If you’re a mom to an infant or toddler and have Nick Jr. Running over and over on your T.V, odds are you have heard the song “5 Days old”. Personally, I love it! I think it’s so adorable and my boys love to song and dance to it. That’s why I am super excited that Laurie Berkner is performing all of her children’s songs at  iPlay America right here in NJ in June! Check out the official release below!


Freehold, NJ — iPlay America’s Event Center will welcome the “Queen of Children’s Music” Laurie Berkner to Freehold, N.J., June 14 for two concerts.

Berkner and her band play upbeat songs, written just for young children that get families dancing in the aisles and singing along. In addition to her own music, Berkner includes variations on familiar lullabies and songs that parents will recognize.

“Laurie Berkner brings the fun and wonderment of childhood to her concerts,” said Jessica Schwartz, director of marketing for iPlay America. “Her style and energy truly fits with everything iPlay America is about — family friendly entertainment.”
This is Berkner’s second appearance at iPlay America. After her first performance, she hosted her daughter’s birthday party there.

“Lucy’s party was a huge success. All the kids loved it and Lucy proclaimed it her best party ever,” Berkner said.

Dubbed the “Queen of Children’s Music” by People magazine, Berkner has recorded original children’s songs for more than 15 years. The New Jersey native has appeared on Nick Jr. and performed in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Her latest work includes a musical animated series “Sing It, Laurie!” on the preschool television channel Sprout.

General admission tickets cost $27.50. Reserved seating is available for $35. VIP tickets are $75 and include premier seating in the first few rows, a meet-and-greet with The Laurie Berkner Band and a Facebook photo.

To purchase tickets, visit For more information about iPlay America, please contact Jennifer Quinn at 732-577-8200 or

From the moment guests step inside iPlay America, they enter a world of fun like no other. iPlay America, the indoor city, recreates the Jersey Shore from the Boardwalk and mid-way style games people loved as kids, to the asphalt city streets complete with two-story buildings, mailboxes, fire hydrants, benches and more to create the feel of downtown. ALWAYS free to enter, guests can access affordable play packages for all of the rides and attractions iPlay America has to offer in their 115,000 square feet of space! Visitors can race on the iPA Speedway go karts, challenge their friends to an epic battle of laser tag in the two-level Cosmic Battle Laser Tag Experience (largest in Central New Jersey!), spin around

in the bumper cars and take flight on Kite Flyer, as well as other favorite rides! The 4-D Theatre is a multi-sensory movie experience not to be missed and the HUGE Arcade has something for everyone with over 200 of the newest and hottest games including classics like skee-ball and air hockey! To satisfy everyone’s appetite, iPlay America offers Boardwalk style fare from hot dogs and pizza, to cotton candy and funnel cakes as well as Broadway Sweets, the BEST candy store in Central New Jersey! Sit down and relax on the porch overlooking city square, in iPlay America’s Game Time Bar and Grill. Enjoy delicious favorites on its American menu, specialty cocktails, and signature creations by Executive Chef Joe Raiola, a season five “Chopped” champion. Guests can watch their favorite team play on over 20 different flat screen TV’s and 3 large screen projectors! iPlay America also offers a special discount to veterans and active military personnel. No matter who wants to have fun — or how they want to play — iPlay America is the place to Get Inside the Fun!
iPlay America is located on Route 9 at 110 Schanck Road in Freehold, New Jersey. iPlay America won New Jersey Monthly’s 2014 Best of New Jersey Kids Destination, Central, and Bes