Orange Creamsicle Souffle with Nellie’s Free Range Eggs + FREE Egg Giveaway

Anyone who knows me knows that I love to cook. I love trying new recipes and putting my own spin on things.

Have you seen the video’s floating around? You know, the one’s with the amazing desert and entree’s? They make it look so simple, and I cannot help but think “Pinterest Fail” when I see some of the technique’s they do.

One that caught my eye recently is the little souffles made inside of lemons. They are so fancy and decadent, yet so simply put together. I knew I had to try it. Luckily, I had a bag of navel oranges I just purchased, and my Nellie’s Free Range Eggs I got to try, and I wanted to put my own creative spin on it.

Orange Creamsicle Souffle’s. Yes.


Using the Nellie’s eggs felt so right. The best of the best, inside such a fancy-smancy desert. They look so fresh, and the packaging is awesome as well. It is a cute little plastic on plastic carton that helps protect the eggs inside from getting smooshed. They are natural, free range eggs, not that other crap, so they are a little more pricey (they were $4.49 a dozen at my local grocery store).



I used 4 fairly large navel oranges for this recipe (pictured above). Here is what you need;

  • 4 Oranges
  • 2 tbs All Purpose Flour
  • 1/2 cup sugar (divided 1/4 & 1/4)
  • 1 tsp Vanilla extract
  • 1 tbs Milk
  • Zest from oranges
  • 3 eggs (separated)

Using Nellie’s Free Range Eggs, divide all 3 eggs into 2 bowls – egg whites in one, egg yolks in the other.

I put the egg whites into the mixing bowl so I can get the meringue started. You have to whisk the egg whites an 1/4 cup of sugar until soft peaks form. I let that run while I started the rest.

I took each orange an cut the bottoms just a bit to make them flat so I can stand them up straight without falling over or rolling around. Then, I cut the tops off, an dug out the insides as neatly as I could (watch you do not poke any holes in the orange peel!) Then I put the pulp inside of small strainer and squeezed out the juices. Feel free to eat all of the yummy left over pulp!



Now, mix a 1/4 of the juice from the oranges, and the Vanilla extract & milk. Add this to the egg yolk, flour, and remaining 1/4 white sugar. Whisk and then add to a double boiler or in my case, a heat safe bowl over a pot of boiling water. The key is to keep whisking until the egg mixture thickens up real nice. Then, remove it from the heat, and continue to whisk until the mixture cools. It should be nice an smooth without lumps.

Then, when your meringue has soft peaks, fold it slowly  into the cooled egg mixture. The last step is to pour this mixed into your open orange shells a little more then half way. They will rise significantly, so do not overfill!

Bake at 350 for about 20 minutes or until the tops have browned a bit. Then top with powdered sugar and serve warm or cooled.



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Oh, and Happy Egg Month! You didn’t know May was national egg month? Now you do!

*I was given the eggs for free to use in this recipe by Nellie’s Free Range Eggs. All opinions and photos are my own.

If you’re not already familiar, Nellie’s is committed to providing better lives for hens, which means better eggs for you and your family! Coming from the first Certified Humane® farm in the country, Nellie’s girls (aka hens) are never caged and have as much, or as little, access to outside as they want.  Nellie’s also supports a network of small family farms, unlike competitors with massive factory-farm set ups.

Emblem3 at iPlay America Giveaway


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Para’Kito all Natural Mosquito Repellent


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I HATE mosquitoes. Like, really really hate them. Yuck, it just grosses me out to no end thinking of them swapping my blood & my children’s blood with other people and animals, how disgusting and unsanitary!

But I have to say I am not a big fan of bug repellents. Especially the sprays that smell gross and make you feel dirty and oily all day. My kids run anytime I try to spray them with any type of spray, especially something so pungent and strong. This makes it easier for me to just say screw it and leave them unprotected from bugs. With all of these new virus’s carried by mosquitoes like Zika and West Nile I always find myself crossing my fingers that the bite they got today is just an itchy nuisance and nothing more.

I stumbled upon the brand Para’Kito that claims to be all natural and safe for children & pregnant women. What intrigued me most is the fact that it wasn’t a spray and it claimed to be as effective but made from all natural essential oils. It is a selection of different wearable items that work for anyone and can make a perfect give for yourself.

  • Wristbands MSRP $19.50 – They come in all different colors and styles and have sized specifically for children. These work with essential oil pellets that release scents to mask your skin. Each pellet lasts 15 days.
  • Clips MSRP $19.50 – These clips can be clipped onto strollers which is AWESOME to keep baby protected or you can put it right onto your keys or purse strap. These work with essential oil pellets that release scents to mask your skin. Each pellet lasts 15 days.
  • Roll-on MSRP $19.50 – This is just what it sounds like. A roll-on stick that rolls the oil onto your skin. It does smell a little stronger then the others but it forms a physical barrier between your skin an the nasty bugs.
  • Unidose Gel MSRP $1.00 ea – You just bust open the little packet it comes in and smear it all over your skin for 5 hours of protection.

I’m testing each of these items out for you! They are a bit expensive, and I haven’t had a chance to really put them to work yet since it’s just the beginning of mosquito season, but I’ll be sure come back and update this post once I get the full review in.

In my opinion, some coverage is better then none. So if I can get my kids to wear this wrist band or clip or even get the roll-on gel onto them, its better then leaving them unprotected!


PARA’KITO resolves all these worries & concerns with its line of colorful and waterproof refillable wristbands and clips. Also safe for pregnant women who cannot use harsh sprays, PARA’KITO has quickly positioned itself as a global leader in natural, DEET-free mosquito repellent alternatives. With a pleasant smell of citronella, PARA’KITO’s scientifically-proven blend of essential oils repels mosquitoes. Packed into a kid-friendly pellet that sits comfortably in the pouch of a band or clip, you can rest assured the little ones will be safe from the following of our least favorite bugs this spring and summer.

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A little more info on how the PAra’Kito brand products work;

The pellets operate by releasing a blend of essential oils that interfere with mosquitoes’ sense of smell, thereby reducing their capacity to identify their prey.

Mosquitoes’ orientation relies on a combination of olfaction, heat detection, and vision,  which means that spatial protection products can offer relative, but not absolute protection.

In case of high infestation, the roll-on gel has been specially developed. This super-smart gel works both as a barrier and a mask. Applied directly to the exposed areas of the skin, ankles, wrists,face and neck, it immediately forms a barrier between you and the mosquito that lasts up to five hours. As the natural oils’ active ingredients are released into the air around you, they also help to mask the scents of your breath and body, making it harder for mosquitoes to find you.


Citronella Oil……34.0%

Rosemary Oil……22.0%

Geranium Oil……21.0%

Mint Oil………….10.0%

Clove Oil………….2.5%

Peppermint Oil….1.5%

DEET FREE & No Animal Testing!

Check out Para’Kito to purchase yours now!

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Mother’s Day is a Shitty Holiday


Don’t shoot the messenger before you hear the message… I’m a mom too. But let’s face it, majority of mom’s have a #1 on their wish list for Mother’s Day. To SLEEP. Yes, a holiday in which we want to SLEEP through.. #2 is to be ALONE or be left ALONE for 24 hours. What kind of shitty holiday is that?

Mother’s Day over the years has become more of a “What can you do for me” not what have I done for you type of day. To me, it’s about appreciation, reflecting on the thing’s I’ve done as a Mother this far, an more important, what my Mother has done for me. I much rather show my love for my mother and mother in-law then to dwell on what I expect from my significant other.

Let’s face it, my list will consist of the silly things that I am sure other mom’s will agree with. That silly little diagram floating around is pretty accurate. Sleep, Chocolate, Time Alone, & muted children are among the top 10. Flowers & breakfast are a close runner up, and then it becomes a list of material items that I would love to have someday. But most of it isn’t what I really want.

I want to be appreciated ALL YEAR. To not have to beg for an extra day of uninterrupted sleep. I signed up for that interrupted sleep & bathroom breaks the day I found out I was pregnant. It’s part of motherhood and although it’s a rough task, it is what makes us Mothers. The fact that we put others before us every day, most of the time unknowingly until it all catches up to us and we just want to fall into bed. I just want to be appreciated, all year… and yes, flowers are nice too.

Stop making Mother’s Day a SHITTY Holiday and own it!

This Mother’s Day, don’t sleep through it. Take it in as a day to feel appreciated by your children, and show your mother you appreciate HER. Take time to appreciate yourself, and do things your damn self! If you don’t get that spa pass you wanted, take it upon yourself to say I’m going to the spa!” and don’t take no for an answer…

And try to remember to water the beautiful damn flowers you got…after all, it’s another thing you now have to tend to!