Fudgy Oreo Brownies

I have a meeting at work and wanted to bring something to munch on and well, make sure it runs smoothly since I’m a facilitator. Nobody has a bad time when their face is full of fudgy brownies… But I wanted to make sure. I decided to add Oreos to this batch because I love oreos and they bake well inside of other baked goods.

I simply used a box mix, the Pillsbury Fudge Brownie mix in family size 13×9. Make per directions and then add a layer to the pan, then oreos, then finish with anther later of batter on top. You can crush them or add them whole, but I prefer them whole so you get the full effect.

Make sure to leave them in until just before done. They continue to cook when first removed and you don’t want hard brownies. I did my 13×9 Pyrex at 350° for 28 minutes.


Detroit Zoo Family Fun 2016

One of our family trips this year was to Michigan to see family and friends. One thing on our to do list was visit the Detroit Zoo. It’s one of the largest zoo’s I have ever been to, I think it’s 1.7 miles long or something along those lines.

If you are ever in the area, please make sure to visit! It was $12 per standard ticket, but we opt’ed to get the premium tickets that included the train ride to the end of the zoo so you can walk up from the back, Admission to all shows 3D and 4D, and Penguin exhibit early access.


The first thing we did is check out the brand new Penguin exhibit. It was so amazing to see how great they have it there! Usually it upsets me to see animals in cages because they’re usually sub-par to whet they have in the wild. Seeing the Penguins in such an amazing new habitat made me feel happy that they have the best life there. A large exhibit, and many, many places to swim and walk around. The exhibit was 3 stories high, and you walk like you’re on a ship. Pretty cool to see the walls move and simulate being on a large boat in the ocean, complete with storms an all. There are tunnels to walk under and see the penguins interact with you. It was great.

The coolest part of the visit was an unexpected treat. We were walking following the path in the seal exhibit where you walk under a tunnel and see the seals under water, and all of a sudden, the 11 year old female Polar Bear swam over on top of us and sat on the glass above! The zoo worker said in his 5 years there he has never seen her do this. It was such a special site, I’ve never been that close to a polar bear and they’re one of my favorites. She stayed there for about 5 minutes or so an was looking at everyone below her. She was huge!

The next cool thing that separates this zoo from any I’ve ever been to is the Australian Outback. They have a setup that you actually walk right through, with no gates, no bars, nothing, through the path with wild Kangeroos and Wallabes. They’re very lazy, so they’re off in the distance, but just knowing that there is nothing between you and them, feels very “outback” like and it was really really cool.


Kangaroos in the distance!

Check out the other photo’s of the zoo;



Blogger Bash 2016

BB16 Anchor Logo

Blogger Bash 2016 kicked off this this last week, Just 13th & 14th. What exactly is Blogger Bash? Basically just what it sounds like. An event where bloggers an vloggers. new and old, come together to see the new technology and products that brands have to offer. This is packed into 2 fun filled days, literally PACKED days with an Agenda filling pages not just 1 page.

As you may remember, I posted from last year, and we had a blast there! Last year it was at one of the NYC Piers, and it was in a large area inside. This year it was on a huge Yacht!

Being on the Yacht in NYC on the Hudson brought something special… besides motion sickness lol! It was beautiful to be able to navigate the levels of the ship (there were 4 if you include the top deck!) Each level was themed out each day, and day 1 was Sweet Suite.

This is one even I cannot miss! Having young boys, and with Christmas less then 6 months away, I need to know the latest and greatest coming out. Funny to say, I actually enjoy it myself, playing with the toys and learning about the latest technology. Did you know they have 3D drawing tools for children? Me neither until sweet suite. Of course now I’m on a mission to add these to the list of toys Santa will be bringing this year so that I can play with it too LOL!

My sister and I got there a couple hours after it started, but we were pleasantly surprised that everything was still in full swing. It was much simpler then I thought getting there, we took the Train from NJ, and were able to walk from Penn Station to the Pier 81 Yacht in just a half our. We got a great workout too and ahem… were able to play Pokemon since it’s all the craze (hint, you HAVE to check out all of the Pokestops in Time Square!)

After Sweet Suite, we went back home, and were ready to get some sleep before making the trip all over again the next day. Day 2 we were in for a real treat! Each level, once again was themed out. There were time slots in which the rooms were switched, and they included Kate & Mim Mim hosted breakfast, complete with character setup and behind the scenes information. We didn’t make the breakfast, but it seemed fantastic!

There was Baby Palooza set up, which I am sad to have missed also, but since I don’t have any infants, I wasn’t in a rush to make it there. It looked like it was super brand packed this year thought with brands likes 4Moms at the top of the list. I opted to get right into talking to the brands since that’s the biggest bang for my buck. Having all of these brands in the same space, just tables apart was the icing on the cake (did I mention talking to them while I literally ate cake? hint hint, Sprinkles cupcakes were one of the brands and OMG that Red Velvet, I’m Drooling now). My  favorite brands that I got to chat with were Kohler, did you know that they have a toilet that basically runs itself? No touch, not nothing… Not even wiping if you don’t want to lol. Coming from a  Home Depot background, I thought the new innovative technology they have is just awesome. The price point is not unfortunatly… There was Little Bites, Entemanns, Picture Keepers, Sprinkles Cupcakes, of course Hasbro – YES this was a favorite with the new Pie Face Dual coming out this year! There were brands nothing to do with toys, just brands brands brands! It was so overwhelming that I couldn’t get to visit every stand, 3 levels of brands there had to be over 500! Taking cards and giving cards, making brand connections and friendships with PR’s.

Peanuts hosted the lunch like they did last year. They have a brand new cartoon series on Cartoon Network keeping Snoopy and the gang relevant. They gave such cute SWAG bags that included Snoopy figurines that my 4 year old went nuts for when I got home. The lunch was amazing, Salmon, Chicken Marsala, an amazing sides. Mimosas on deck, literally!

To end things before I had to leave, Snooki and Jwow did an appearance and interview and I had front row seats. I’ve always watched them since the Jersey shore days (no judgement please!) an it was awesome to see them in person. Snooki is much smaller then I imagined!

If you have the chance to get a Blogger Bash 2017 ticket, my advice.. DO IT!