Baby Registry; Must Haves vs. Must Nots PLUS NOSE FRIDA GIVEAWAY!


Baby Registries are so much fun.. You get a cute little scan gun and have as much time as you can afford to walk around and beam the little light onto anything you find adorable (that is the word you will undoubtedly blurt out a lot). The problem is, everything is adorable. By the time you are finished in the store, you’ll have a list much bigger then what you need, and most people will be purchasing for your baby shower based on that coveted list. So what do you NEED and what can you live without?Aside from the obvious large items like the Crib, Bouncer, Swing, and Pack & Play, I did a poll with over 100 moms from around the country and here is how they weighed in!


1. Nasal Aspirator – You will realize quickly that boogers are nothing to be afraid of and you’ll see, touch, and probably smear on clothes more then you are prepared for. Having a nasal aspirator handy is a must. Your little one has nostrils that are too tiny for a finger or a piece of tissue, and you’ll need something to “get up in there” to give them relief of their boogies. It is something that most moms do not think they’ll use as much as they really will. A “boogey snatcher” was on the Must Have list of majority of the moms polled. More specifically the Baby Nose Frida. This item is new to me and quite honestly, it seems a bit odd for me to literally suck the snot out of my childs nose with my mouth, but I got one to try and i’ll be adding a video here once I do. Better yet, I have one for YOU to try it out yourself! Enter now to win your own Nose Frida and see what the fuss is about ~ENTER TO WIN NOW!
Giveaway Contest Runs 6/17-6/24

2.  Aden and Anais swaddle blankets – These swaddle blankets are a life saver. Literally. They are made of a breathable fabric and even if pressed tightly to your nose, you would be able to breath through them. This is something that is very important to me and made me feel comfortable enough with them to only use these swaddle blankets with my children. Not only are they breathable, but they swaddle so perfectly and snug that they compare to the hospital blanket swaddle you get. As a perk, they have adorable (there’s that word again) designs to choose from.

3. Diapers – I know they’re not “adorable” and I know you probably think you’ll get enough without adding to your registry but think again. This is probably the item you should have multiple of on your registry. Include a few of each size in large cases instead of little packs. Stay away from newborn size because your baby may not get to fit in them for very long .

4. Bibs/Washcloths – Having a bunch of bibs and washcloths on hand is always a good idea. You will be going through more of these then you could imagine. They have so many with fun little sayings, but leave those for family or close friends to grab on their own. For your registry, add the large colorful or all white packs that anyone can buy as a gift or an add on gift, they’ll definitely be put to good use.

5. Snap & Go Stroller – A Universal Snap & Go stroller is a wonderful little known item. It can be used with multiple brands of infant car seats, and it is much more compact then a typical travel stroller. The frame itself is more narrow, making it easier to navigate small store aisles. Most will snap closed with just one hand and weight much less then a stroller.


1. Diaper Genie – This seems like such a clever product until you actually try to use it for the first time. There is a small hole that you’re expected to cram a smelly, squishy, diaper through and then wait until it’s filled up with smelly, squishy diapers and then you throw them out. You soon realize, that it’s more money and effort then it’s worth, because the diapers aren’t the only reason your house smells like poop, it’s the initial pooping act that smelled it up to begin with, and ultimately, they wind up in the garbage anyway. In my house, we always just saved the grocery store plastic bags and used them to tightly seal the dirty diaper before tossing into the garbage. It worked just fine and saved money on refills.

2. Fancy Spa Tub – As tempting it may be to get your little bubba baby the best that money can buy, you’re really not getting your money’s worth with the fancy smancy tubs. The shower and jet sections of the tubs are actually vulnerable to mold and bacteria. Babies love the water, but it’s not all about fun bath time until they’re actually old enough to graduate to a tub seat (I recommend one of these strongly). The cheaper plastic tub with the newborn sling and the flower petals seem to be the more popular choice and will do just fine for a newborn. Save yourself the money and don’t splurge in this area.

3. Wipes Warmer – Although I’ll have to admit, it has got to be pretty uncomfortable to have a cold wipe touching your behind, it can’t be much worse then what was on it prior to the cold wipe. I got a wipes warmer at my baby shower and I was so excited to plug it in and heat up my first batch of wipes. I soon realized, there was much more to the wipes warmer then just plopping the wipes in and having a perfect temperature wipe as a result. Like the fact that if you don’t keep the inside moist, your wipes will be dried out and even get burnt. There is an electrical shock warning, and I’ve heard stories about being shocked by them. These are more of a hassle then they’re worth, and your baby will have a love/hate relationship with diaper changes weather the wipes are warm or cold.

4. Clothes – Putting baby clothes on your registry may seen fun at the time, but it’ll wind up just being a page clutter and making your registry more lengthy then it needs to be. The fact is, not all stores carry the same clothes, and not all clothes can be easily found. Don’t drive your family and friends nuts by adding every adorable (yep, that word again) outfit that you see to your registry. Odds are you’ll get some gift cards and be able to use them for the cute outfits you REALLY want.

5. Bottle Sterilizer – This just really takes up space. In essence, the thought of an item that quickly and effectively sterilizes your newborns bottles and pacifiers without having to hand wash is great. The issue is, this is another case of more hassle then it’s worth and you soon realize you can use boiled water to sterilize these items as you need. The Sterilizers themselves need upkeep to prevent them from getting mildew and mold and you wind up having to clean them.

This list is a compilation of items that aren’t necessarily “Adorable”, but tried and true moms have found to be useful (or NOT). As with anything these days, commercials and advertising can sway your opinion and isn’t always in your best interest when it comes to your wallet. You want to make sure you get things you’ll actually use and since baby stuff will soon fill up your home, you’ll want to keep the unnecessary items to a minimum.

One thing most people don’t know is that after your baby shower date on your registry, Babies R’ Us will give you a special offer for a percentage off anything still left on your registry. That includes diapers, wipes, bottles, you name it. Having items on your registry that you REALLY need will save you money in the long run, even if people do not purchase it all – you can use gift cards to get the rest with the discount!

A little extra; 

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I hope this list gives you some insight on your registry and most important, HAVE FUN and enjoy your baby bump!


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