Disney Movie Club Review – Is it worth it?

10731184_850004221711700_3383631482404244309_n (Original photo from Disney Movie Club Facebook Page)

To join or not to join? That is the question!

You wouldn’t know this, but I actually wrote this blog backwards. That’s right, I started at the end, and ended up here. Well, actually, I wrote this in the middle… OK, too confusing. The point is, the stuff at the bottom is REALLY important and a huge part of this review, which is why I technically started with it to make sure I included it, so make sure to read it!

I’m sure you’ve seen the banner ads for Disney Movie Club, or saw the sponsored link on Facebook or somewhere similar, and then thought to yourself that it’s too good to be true. It has to be…. but is it though?

From reading the comments of angry mothers or grandparents on the sponsored post or consumer affairs complaints, you’d think that it was a big rip-off or that Disney is doing something that they shouldn’t. I am here to speak from experience as an actual mother who has purchased these and joined the club for the third time to build my kids a nice collection.

movies (This is only part of my collection)

So why did I do it 3 times? And why do I think it is a GOOD deal? Here’s why;

The introductory offer – typically if you go through a referral of a member, you can get 5 Disney DVDs OR Blu-Ray DVD’s for just $1 with FREE SHIPPING. Literally just $1, that’s all. You get to pick from popular Disney titles like Mulan, Brave, Finding Nemo, Planes, and even Frozen. The catch is, to get 5 titles for $1, you need to join with a credit card. This is so they can charge you every 4 weeks for a new title IF you do not decline on time (which I’ll be honest, I’ve forgotten a few times and been charged $40 and angry about it). But I’ll get to that shortly.

Continuing on, that’s $1, for 5 titles. I chose Blu-Ray because I feel like in the end, they’re worth more. Then, they give you the option to add another for just $11.95, that will count toward your commitment status, making it only 3 movies to buy in the next 2 years, instead of 4, AND you get FREE shipping since it’s your initial order. Finally, during this initial order, they give you an option to buy a 2nd BONUS title for just $8.95, again, FREE shipping, but it will not count towards your commitment status.

Adding this initial order up, that’s 7 Blu-Ray DVD’s for a grand total of $21.90 (I can’t remember if that includes tax or not, but lets just say it does for the sake of this post – you’ll get the idea) and you’ll have 7 brand new Disney movies shipped to you within 4 weeks to start or add to your collection.

Now, you still owe the commitment of 3 additional movies. If you initially selected Blu-Ray, they’ll be at a premium price of $29.95, and if you selected DVD format, they’ll be about $19.95 each. Plus shipping which adds an additional $3.95 (for the first title, $1.95 for any additional in your order).  So it will be about $33 per Blu-ray to fulfill your commitment. That seems like a lot for a DVD right? Especially since you can get some of them at Wal-Mart for just $15. Well, not really. If you actually research the titles, the Blu-Ray is about $19.95+ at Wal-Mart, and $26+ at Target for the same movie. Still, it’s more then you’d pay at a big box retailer. Until you actually add it all up, PLUS the perks/benefits.

3 movies at about $33 each is $99- for THREE, yes THREE DVDs. That is blaspheme! No, it actually isn’t. You got a GREAT deal if you really wanted a collection for your kids or yourself. $99 + $21.90= $120.90 for 10 Blu-Ray Disney DVD’s. That totals $12 per movie which is much less then at the stores, no matter which store you get it from.

Sometimes they throw in an extra bonus movie and add shipping for that as well which is shady, so it’ll come to $40 if you’re not paying attention. Example, I forgot to decline my “feature title” this month and was charged $40 from my bank account… I was pretty ticked until I saw that they sent me the new “Planes – Fire & Rescue” Blu-Ray PLUS “Mickey Mouse Christmas Carol” Blu-Ray, my youngest loves planes and Mickey and it fulfilled a commitment, so I only owe 1 more within the next year.

MORE perks and FREE stuff.

Once you receive your initial shipment of DVD’s, you can join Disney Movie Rewards Club for FREE. Typically, when you sign up, they have deals going on for a FREE movie. I got Secretariat, on Blu-Ray for free (with shipping $3.95). Plus, spend your points however you want to. I have gotten so much from them with my points (each movie you register is about 100 to 150 points, so they add up QUICK and your initial DMG order of 7 DVD’s will snag you up to 1500 points right off the bat!!. To date I got;

  1. $10 Disney Store Gift card
  2. Secretariat Blu-Ray DVD
  3. FREE Movie ticket to go to The Muppets Most Wanted
  4. A Sully Hat with built in gloves (goes for over $30 on Ebay)
  5. Free stickers and crafts
  6. About 3 more free DVD’s

You can enter sweepstakes for FREE, and also add extra entries with points. Here is to show some of my unlocked offers;


Another perk of joining Disney Movie Rewards is that you are guaranteeing your registered discs. If anything, AHEM…KIDS… Happen to your movie, scratched beyond repair, cracked, or even broken in half, you can ship it back for a fee of $6.95 per the terms below, and they’ll mail you a new disc! That’s much better then paying for a brand new one! registration

Disney Movie Rewards;

Terms and Conditions for the Blu-ray™ and DVD Disc Replacement Program

  • Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment (WDSHE) will only replace DVD or Blu-ray™ Discs (“Product”) purchased new from an authorized seller for private use. Product purchased from unauthorized third-party sellers, or purchased for use by schools, libraries and/or rental stores will not be replaced. Product that has not been manufactured or released by WDSHE will not be replaced.

  • Limit: One replacement per title per calendar year.

  • WDSHE will replace submitted Product with equal product. If inventory of your Product is depleted, a similar version of the same title will be sent.

  • All submissions and Product are subject to review. Product that does not meet the program’s requirements will be returned to you, along with your check or money order ($6.95 for DVDs, $8.95 for Blu-ray™ discs), and no replacement product will be sent.

  • If an incomplete submission is received, you will be notified and given an opportunity to submit any missing items. If these items are not received in a timely manner, we will return the incomplete submission to you.

  • WDSHE is not responsible for Product lost or stolen en route to our office. Requesting delivery confirmation from your post office is strongly recommended.

  • Please allow 4-6 weeks for our office to receive and process your submission.

The most important take-away is – No matter what it is, you’ll NEVER be disappointed or “misled” if you take the time to READ AND UNDERSTAND THE FINE PRINT!

Disney Movie Club;

Terms of Membership

As a Disney Movie Club member, all you need to do is buy 5 movies at regular Club prices in the next 24 months (starting at $29.95 per DVD and $29.95 per Blu-ray), plus shipping and processing of $3.95 for the first title in each order, and $1.49 for each additional title in that same order. You may cancel your membership at any time after purchasing the 5 movies. By agreeing to purchase at least 5 regular-priced movies in the next 24 months, you qualify to receive 5 Disney movies of your choice from the list of titles currently available from the Disney Movie Club for $5.00 total. Shipping and processing is free. Please allow 2-4 weeks to receive your first shipment.

YOU MAY ALSO TAKE A 6TH MOVIE NOW AT THE SPECIAL PRICE OF JUST $14.95, PLUS YOU PAY NO ADDITIONAL SHIPPING AND PROCESSING CHARGE. This Bonus Movie will even count towards your purchase commitment, so you’ll only need to purchase 4 more movies in the next 24 months instead of 5.


About every 4 weeks (up to 13 times a year) you will receive a mailing indicating the “Featured Title.” Plus you may also receive up to 2 more seasonal Featured Title mailings a year. That’s up to 15 buying opportunities a year! You can choose to receive the Featured Title, an alternate, or no movie at all. If you do not inform us of your choice within 10 days or by the date specified on the card (either by returning the card, visiting the website, or by calling the 800 number on the card), the Featured Title will be automatically shipped to you.

When you join the Disney Movie Club, you may provide us with your credit card information (website accepts credit card orders only). You will be charged only for the movies that you order (including Featured Title shipments) plus shipping and processing. We will not charge your credit card until the date of shipment. Sorry, we do not accept debit cards or check cards at this time.

You agree to fulfill your purchase commitment within 24 months of sign-up. If you are unable to meet your commitment within your commitment period, your credit card may be charged for the value of the 5 reduced-priced titles you have received. This amount is dependent upon your initial sign up offer and the format of your introductory movies.

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed! If you are not completely satisfied with your introductory titles, simply return them within 10 days of receipt along with written notice informing us that you want to cancel your membership. We will refund any money you might have sent, including shipping and processing costs, as part of our no-risk guarantee.

This offer is limited to customers residing in the contiguous United States and may be withdrawn at any time. Disney Movie Club cannot ship to APOs or FPOs.

Limit: one membership per household. Must be 18 years of age or older to join. Applicable sales tax will be added to orders shipped to California and Wisconsin. This offer may not be combined with any other promotional offer, including coupons and rebates.

All applications to join the Disney Movie Club are subject to review. We reserve the right to request additional information, to reject any application, or to cancel any membership. We reserve the right to alter or end this offer at any time.

All titles are subject to availability.

You’ll see/hear horror stories that canceling membership with Disney movie rewards is really a pain, or that they’ll give you a hard time. But speaking from experience, doing it twice, it was a simple phone call, and a have a nice day. As long as you’ve fulfilled your end of the membership, which I had done both times. Here is what you do..
To cancel your membership AFTER fulfilling your membership agreement, simple call and state that you wish to cancel;
How do I reach the customer service department for the Disney Movie Club?
You are able to contact Disney Movie Club by emailing us at DMCquestions@movieclubinfo.com or calling us at 1-800-362-4587. Please have your membership number available. It is located online under MY ACCOUNT, My Profile. We are available from 8 am to 1 am EST, Monday through Friday.

Like I said, this is my THIRD time joining (more DVD’s for cheaper then store price!) and my collection is growing and I love it. I love referring this to my friends who are new moms for 2 reasons… I get 2 FREE ,movies (plus shipping) if they join with my referral, needs to be sent via email (email me at cmmiller123@gmail.com SUBJECT; DISNEY REFERRAL), and they get the movies for cheaper then store price and cheaper then joining without my referral!
OR if you’d like you can just just my referral link to get the same deal! 5 FREE BLURAY DVDS
Feedback is appreciated as always!




Here’s a tip to end the pacifier habit sooner than later;

Start off with limiting the pacifier to night/nap time only.

Get rid of the pacifier your child uses most and replace it with a new, fresh one of a bigger size (BIGGEST IS 18-36m). Odds are your child will try it, and not be comfortable with the new feeling of the bigger pacifier and reject it on their own.

Being that you’re still offering them a pacifier, they’ll think they are in control and not wanting it on their own. Eventually, the pacifier habit will be forgotten!

This has worked 2 out of 2 times in my experience. Anyone else have a similar experience?

This should’ve been a Target Portrait studio review but… *UPDATED

20141123_164100 (Photo part of our home photo shoot per below)

I had initially planned this post to be about my trip to Target Portrait Studios for my family’s annual holiday portrait. I was very excited and expecting good things from Target.  This was my first time using their portrait studio. There wasn’t a Target studio local to me, the closest being either the Bridgewater or Watchung NJ locations, both about 15-20 minutes away on the highway.

I decided on Target this year because I received an email for a $50 credit towards a photo package (no minimum purchase required). Though the credit did not apply to the session fee per person, they had a deal for $29.99 to sign up to Target Portraits and all session fees would be waived for the year. We were going to get all of our pictures for just $29.99 including our Holiday cards because I have saved my Shutterfly promos throughout the year and had a Pampers rewards promo for 25 FREE 4×8 holiday cards (with free shipping).  With all savings considered, it was a great deal, so I booked an appointment.

I made my appointment on November 10th via the Target Portrait Studio website. The site interface was user-friendly. You just enter in your name, phone number, and email, select a location, and a list of available dates and times will pop up. I chose November 23rd, Sunday, the most convenient available time slot for my family’s schedule.

I went back and forth with what type of color scheme we were going with this year.  We have done these family portraits every year for the past 5 years and although we use them for our holiday cards, we also hang them on our walls in our home and I wanted something that doesn’t just scream ‘Christmas’. As simple as it seems, it can be a little mentally draining. Making sure that I’m being frugal enough and using clothes we have at home, or can I find something cheap in time?

Here are the past 2 years photos;

20141125_145717 20141125_143806

As you can see, they’re casual enough to hang on the wall in the living room year round, but they’re “holiday-themed” enough to be featured on our Christmas cards. I decided on a casual all white theme, with all 4 of us wearing white shirts, and jeans with sneakers (typically you don’t see our feet anyway). Being that I chose, white, I soon realized it would be difficult to find whites of the same dye lot. There are a ton of whites out there! I knew I didn’t have any clean plain white shirts for the boys, because let’s be honest….bleach works, to an extent. Having 2 young boys, white clothes are short lived in my home.

I decided to pick up a couple new white long sleeve shirts for the boys so that they can match. I was in Walmart and found a perfect shirt that they had in both of their sizes for just $3.99 each. I picked them up, and they already had the jeans and sneakers at home, so the boys were all set.

Luckily, hubby and I both had white shirts that were similar in color to the boys new white shirts, so we were able to use those instead of buying a new wardrobe. In hindsight, I am so happy I made that decision and didn’t invest anymore money into this photoshoot.

We already got our haircuts (yes, all 4 of us) the weeks leading up to the photoshoot day, so we were good to go.

I had some things to do on Sunday, the day of the pictures as well, but I scheduled the pictures for 4 pm, because that would give me enough time for everything else I had to do before and after, along with getting ready.

The date and time had come and we were on our way to the Target in Bridgewater for our pictures (finally!). We arrived exactly on time at 4pm. Typically I like to be a few minutes early, but as I said I had some things to do prior to the pictures that day. Needless to say, I wasn’t fully aware of where the portrait studio was inside of the store, and of course I winded up parking on the complete opposite side. We finally found the “portraits” section, and I immediately was concerned with the amount of people I saw in front of me, and could not even get a visual of the check in desk.

The people in front of the desk was a young couple with a newborn baby that had to be only a week or 2 old. She was dressed in an adorable red Christmas outfit, and the parents were both matching with her, The baby was quite, but the parents seemed quite upset as they were bouncing up and down consoling their newborn child in a crazy hectic small space called Target Portrait studio.

The reason I mention them is because as I tried to make my way to the desk to inquire about my 4pm appointment, the dad immediately locked eyes with me and and said “it’s an hour and 10 minute wait. We’ve been here since our appointment time at 3pm and still have not been seen”. At that point, I was highly upset but knew that I couldn’t possibly make a big fuss as I normally would knowing that this couple with a newborn has been there in the sweaty room filled with at least 10 people in holiday sweaters for over an hour waiting for what was probably their first official family photo, so they were determined to stay positive and see it through . But I had to at least say something… “An hour and 10 minutes???? I had scheduled my appointment weeks ago, what was my appointment for then????” I said as I peered over and locked eyes with the woman at the desk. She yelled out, “Sorry, we’re running behind due to breaks”, whatever that meant. She seemed to be highly frustrated herself because of being yelled out for the past few hours I’d assume. But so what? What does that mean to me?

I mean honestly, lets be real. Target is not a portrait driven company, and their business model does not rely on it to make it through the fiscal year. However, they do have a business to run, and in my opinion, they’re doing it completely wrong. I will go ahead and assume that they had MULTIPLE people scheduled for each time slot in case someone didn’t show. That in itself is very poor customer service. Not that Target screams customer service when you walk in there.. Actually, it’s quite the opposite. But they completely dropped the ball on this one. I know it was probably extra busy, because I’m sure I wasn’t the only one looking for a great deal this year and taking advantage of the $50 credit they emailed out.

Long story short (or shorter then it could be lol), I went to the customer service section, rambled on about how I feel like they run the studio poorly, and exclaimed that I would NEVER be using their portrait studio (I probably made a false promise. Never say never if the price is right). The manager said “I’m sorry, I already spoke to her about it, there’s nothing else I can do.

I was not happy with that response, and highly upset that it just put a huge wrench in my plans for holiday pictures of my family and growing boys in “2014” to grace our living room wall and our holiday cards I had planned to make and order promptly the following day.  After all, we had already paid for haircuts, clothes, gas, and our time to go there for nothing. All the while not planning or scheduling any other portraits for this year, because why would I think anything would go wrong?

I googled “Target Portrait studios customer service” and could not find a phone number to help me. Only a “Contact us” section of the internet site, and I selected “Quality” as my concern/issue and I wrote this;

“Please contact me via phone to discuss.

I am very unhappy with my service at the Target Portrait studio in Bridgewater NJ.

I had an appointment for Nov 23rd, at 4:00pm at T938 Bridgewater Target. Conf #GRD64K5H. I had made the appointment online on Nov 10th. Just about 2 weeks prior to the appointment date.

I had requested of off work for this appointment for family photos for or holiday card. I had bought clothes for my family to wear, all 4 of us, and drive 15 minutes from Piscataway to be on time for my photoshoot.

When we arrived, it was caos a the front, and I was immediately told by the people in front of me that it’s an hour and 10 minute wait, that they appointment was scheduled for 3pm and they were still there waiting with their now fussy newborn at 4pm with no apparent timeframe given.

I was not greeted by anyone at the front desk, and had to fight my way to the desk to ask what was going on. All I was told was there was an issues with breaks and they’re behind and there is nothing they can do.

I am highly outraged as I have never used target portrait studios and figured we would give it a chance this year, only to be blown off and disregarded like my premade appointment meant nothing.

Needless to say we had to leave and our day was wasted.

I understand things get hectic this time of year and unforeseen things happen, however a simple courtesy call to the future appointment of the day would’ve been appreciated.

Please call me to discuss further.”

I sent it on 11/24, and I have not gotten a phone call or email back yet. We wound up doing a little family photo shoot on our own to use for our Holiday cards, but we still have to find somewhere to do our  Family Portraits for 2014. I still need to have them done as it’s our family tradition, but maybe I’ll wait until after the busy holiday season to get better customer service.

Overall, I am happy with our personal photos (below) and got some great shots, but I am fed up with the lack of care for people time and lack of courtesy that surrounds most retailers this time of year.

If you’ve had family photos done at a Target Portrait Studio before, please leave feedback on your experience below. I know all studios will vary based on staff, but I’m wondering if I should even attempt to go back at a later date.

20141123_163821 (1)  20141123_164418 20141123_164540(0)

**Update – December 2014

Target reached out to me and explained that they were sorry about what had happened and the inconvenience. In turn, they gave me a pass for 6 free portrait sheets and free sitting fees. We plan on using them sometime in the new year after the holiday madness and I hope to update with our new photos from Target.

You have hair WHERE?! – The common, uncommon post pregnancy truths you probably STILL haven’t heard.

Pregnant_belly_button (Original Photo from Wiki Media)

OK, so I really have been slacking on my blogging since starting my blog last year. So far I’ve been using it as more of a review/big empty space of bunches of nothings and nothing really relevant to what I’m trying to do – until today.

It occurred to me that I live with things now that I did not pre-pregnancy… heck, pre-second pregnancy. And no, I am not just talking about the 2 living beings that run around me in circles, or the living mold probably growing under the carpet because of randomly spilled juices and foods. I am talking about living with a body that is somewhat expected, but a lot of things that I for a moment, thought were maybe just me… but they can’t be.

We all KNOW that there is a great chance you’ll develop unsightly stretch marks on your belly from being stretched to, well, literally no return. But it’s OK… we just slather ourselves with the best body butter money can buy, google stretch mark prevention, and hope we inherited the “good genes” from either side of our family tree. You know what… so what. If I get stretch marks, it’ll be a “badge of honor” I told myself. And I am sure you have or will be telling yourself the same thing. After all.. what do people expect? Our stomachs stretched to house and feed another human being for 9 months, and nearly tripled in size (and shape).

So after all of the dreading/prepping I did, self assurance and preparation, and carefully removing my belly button ring I had in for years as to not cause any extra stretching/tearing. I was ecstatic when I got to the 9th month of my 2nd pregnancy without yet again one stretch mark. Until I started shedding some of the “baby weight” in the immediate weeks after – there it was. I didn’t make it through “stretch”-free (that’s a pun on scot-free). It was a sunken in, pale line of doom. Right there, on my…. BUTT cheek! Yes, after all of the layers of lotion I piled onto my stomach and thighs, I forgot to put it on my butt cheeks. I mean, how can I be so forgetful? (Obviously I am joking on the forgetful part). That isn’t the end. My belly still has a small pouch, but as I excersize, ok… I’m fibbing again, as I chase the little ones around, and lift boxes at work while constantly on my feet is more like it, it seems to be getting tighter again, and it still stretch mark free! I have since noticed a couple very small stretch marks on my boobs, which I thought was odd as well because I feel like they didn’t stretch THAT much, but I guess my body feels differently. This just goes to show you how unpredictable motherhood can be – even as far as what to prepare for with your OWN body that you’ve known your whole life. Ehh… That’s OK. I’ve now had stretch marks on my butt cheeks and my boobs for a little over 2 years now, and I’ve learned that it is OK. Even though it isn’t your typical “these are just my badge of honor” location, it is still my personal badge of honor and I’m sticking to it…

So while we’re on the topic of bellies and boobies… well wait. Let me focus on one thing at a time. Whoever knows me personally knows I am easily distracted, usually by my self, lol. OK, so we will keep on the topic of Bellies.

It was such a cute milestone in my first pregnancy when at about 8 or 9 months pregnant, the “timer” popped out. As if to say “the turkey is just about done!”. Obviously, when referring to the timer, I am talking about my belly button and the turkey is my little fetus getting more plump by the moment. I remember thinking it was hilarious that you can actually see my belly button even through my shirt, and everyone just had to comment on how cute it was that I “popped”. I remember eagerly searching in google “Does belly button from pregnancy go back down after birth?”. Well, as everyone well knows, when searching in google, you always find what you want to read. “Of course! It is only popped out because of there being no room in your belly” is what I saw, and I was content with that answer, no further research was needed.

Fast forward to 1 month after childbirth, remember, this is with my first child who is now 6. My belly button had gone down, not exactly back to the “deep inny” I once had, but it went back down to my satisfaction and fit in with my stomach I had pictured pre-pregnancy, post fears of stretchmarks/mommy pouch. So I was content and definitely wasn’t going to complain. I mean, I didn’t get any stretch marks (1st pregnancy)…can’t have it all I guess. I popped my cute belly button ring back in, (ok, ok.. I was a chicken. I assumed that even though I had it in for 7 years, that the colossal transformation my stomach had gone through forced it closed and I could not put it back in without having it re-pierced. So I went to get it redone and the guy laughed as he put the ring in – it hadn’t really closed).

Fast forward once again to pregnancy #2. This time, I knew it all. as stated above, still worried about stretch marks on my stomach, not one thought that stretch marks would ever appear anywhere else, and a halfway back to normal stomach, now re-stretching. This time, it was growing a lot quicker. As my doctor stated after I inquired about the rapid growth, he said, and I quote “old girdles don’t hold like they used to”. I will forever remember that quote, thank you Dr. Berkman. At about 6 months, my belly button had already “popped”. This time, I thought it was odd. As affiliating it with “almost done”, at 6 months, I still had a 3rd of the way to go. Still, it was “normal” to me after already experiencing it with my 1st. After my 2nd child was born, I knew it would take a while for my belly button to go back to “semi-normal” and didn’t pay much mind to it. I mean, that ugly linea negra was taking much longer to fade this time around so I was paying more attention to that (it literally took an entire YEAR for it to fade completely this time around.) At my 6 week post partum checkup, I asked my Dr about my still protruding belly button, and why was it hard feeling behind it when I attempt push it in. His reply “oh, that’s just an umbilical hernia”.”A WHAT?!?” Umbilical what? I don’t have any more umbilical cords anywhere in or attached to me was my initial thought. “An Umbilical hernia” he said again. “How do I get it to go back down?” I asked. “Surgery, but if it doesn’t hurt you or bother you, good luck trying to find someone who is willing to operate on that” he said. I still don’t understand why someone wouldn’t be willing to operate on it. I mean, I obviously went home and googled it right away and found it’s actually quite common after pregnancy. I still have it to this day, and I guess I should just be lucky it doesn’t hurt me or cause any harm. I am just stuck with a semi-outtie belly button I guess. Unless of course I choose to go under the knife to repair it, but at this point in time, it isn’t something I am even considering. I do dislike the appearance, and of course wish it would go back to normal, or heck, I’d even settle for how it was post 1st pregnancy.

Onto the boob. So, as stated above, well, now WAY ABOVE ^, I got some lovely battle scars/stretch marks/badges, whatever, on my boobs, which really doesn’t bother me much. They’re very faint ones, but I can tel they’re there. The thing that bothers me about my boobs now, is that I get…. wait for it…….. Nipple hair. Yes. As embarrassing as it is, I feel I have to share it with you. Because odds are, if you’ve had a child, or multiple, you have it too. And not only do you have nipple hair, you also think you might be the only one and it can in no way be related to pregnancy. The problem isn’t that small hair that grows because of your ragging hormones of course…it’s with that razor or pair of tweezers that you took to the hair in a rage or disgust that you wanted it OFF of your lady parts. Especially if you decided to breast feed. You don’t want a random nipple hair getting into babies mouth right? Well, I am sorry to say, that that moment was a defining moment in history for you, and little did you know it’ll probably plague you forever. Because we all know never shave or pluck if you don’t want it coming back bigger and darker then the last! Now I find myself having a routine. Just like I shave my legs and underarms (which oddly enough, my leg hair grew extremely slow during pregnancy, as if to say “I know its hard for you to bend over”, adding “check for nipple hair to remove to my shower regimine. I mean, I know this sounds gross, or even funny. And even some of you who have children, or multiple children are sitting here thinking, “Eww, I don’t have that….wait, do I?” but the fact is, this is for the ones that DO. You are not alone!

Keeping on the topic of weird places to have hair during or after pregnancy, what about that foot/toe hair? Another one… word of advice, DO NOT SHAVE IT! It will forever come back. Not only will your feet be probably larger then before you were pregnant, but now they probably have more hair then they did. Just great! Another routine to add to my shower regime. Shave toes/foot, check. Then, have that “Oops, I spent my time shaving my toe hair and nipple hair that I forgot to shave both of my armpits because after I did the first one, I looked over to do the next, but the nipple hair caught my eye and I attacked that first, then moved onto my toe” moment. Oh well, no one will notice, I’ll just do it tomorrow. LOL, as I am writing this I’m thinking to myself how I REALLY hope that it isn’t just me with these issues I am releasing into the public internet and that I am not alone. I know everyone has different experiences, hormonal reactions, and there are many different ones that I may not have experienced that you may have. There are many that I didn’t even touch on still, like your nose literally changes shape during/after pregnancy, I assume due to weight gain in the face? I’ll have to google that one, but I know I have a small hump on the ridge of my nose that was NOT there prior to my pregnancies. And that one chin hair that grows. Only one, and its really dark and needs to constantly be plucked (NOT SHAVED!!!). But these are the truths that I feel must be told. Not only to have you say “Oh my god, I have that too” (Please do so I am not alone LOL!) but so that all of you can expand your view of a “perfect body” when comparing yourself to others. So many are self conscious as it is, and then after pregnancy, when it should be the most happy part of your life, you find yourself finding these oddities and feeling gross.

With that, I hope you can relate, and know, you are normal. You’re not alone, and your post pregnancy body is exactly how it should be. To all expectant mothers who are wondering how your body will be after you evict your squatter. It’ll be exactly how it should be. It’ll be you. Whether that’s with stretch marks, umbilical hernias, hairy nipples and toes, find a way to accept it. After all,

You’re beautiful.

OK, I can’t end it on a mushy note. So…
(MORE TMI **outpost, I am happy to relay there IS some hope. After my first pregnancy, I did have a little bit of hair down the linea negra, and I thought I was stuck with it. I even shaved it (OH NO!) and it started getting a little darker. During my 2nd pregnancy, it DISAPPEARED and never came back!).