You prescribed my child what?!

We have all been there where you get a prescription from the doctor. It’s a really long name that you’ve never heard of and do not even know what to expect it to cost even with insurance. Now, there’s an easy solution. You can look up any medication and find the closest, cheapest cost!

Find your Child’s Prescription on the spot with Watertree Health GPS

Imagine your child gets sick and you get a prescription for a medicine you’ve never heard of. Instead of panicking and wondering whether or not your pharmacy carries this costly medication, you now have a solution. Even if you’re someone who swears by Motrin or Tylenol, this tool allows you to find it at the cheapest price closest to your home.

Watertree Health GPS Enables Consumers to Navigate to “Greatest Prescription Savings”. The Web-based tool allows consumers to find the lowest medication prices with the Watertree Health Prescription Discount Card in their local communities –

(Destin, FL – March 30, 2015) – With the click of a button, the new GPS (Greatest Prescription Savings) tool can help consumers easily find the lowest and most up-to-date discounted drug prices using the free Watertree Health Prescription Discount Card, at pharmacies close to them.  Simply entering a zip code and a drug name yields a list of discounted prices, and the names and locations of the pharmacies where you can achieve the savings.  In addition, the search results provide the percent saved when purchasing the drug with the Watertree Health Prescription Discount Card. The Watertree Health GPS even shows the best discounted pricing for common over-the-counter medications, like ibuprofen or aspirin.

The drug prices are updated daily with the most current data available, and the savings associated with the Prescription Discount Card are often quite significant.

The Watertree Health GPS is designed for ease of use, featuring a clean interface that is extremely intuitive. The tool works just as well on smartphones and tablets as it does on a computer, allowing users to look up drug prices while on the go.

The GPS can be accessed by navigating to the following URL:

Some Bunny loves you Cake

This adorable cake is so easy to make to bring to a friend’s home, have a fun bake night with the kids, or just for yourself (No one is judging! Hehe). No matter what, it’s sure to say “Some bunny loves you”!

Just follow these simple steps below. You can use any cake or icing. The fur on this bunny is made by using coconut but you can omit it if you’re not a fan and it’ll still be just as adorable!






You can display it just as above by simply adding some paper bunny ears or you can dress it up a bit more fancy with some scenery.

The photos above are courtesy of Bob’s Red Mill organic products. If you’d like to make your own cake batter and icing, you can check out their recipe below!


10 Tips to a Successful Birthday Party

Planning a child’s birthday party doesn’t have to be stressful. It can actually be fun if you follow my “10 Steps to a successful Birthday Party” tips! These tips will help make it a memorable, stress-free(ish) party.

#1. Plan ahead! The expense is far less when you plan ahead and buy things a little at a time. My kids change their minds on what their favorite game or character is so often it’s hard to do things too far in advance, but I try to stick with things I know they’ll love no matter what.

#2. Make your own goody bags. It feels good to put your own special touch on stuff, and the main attraction, the goody bags, are no exception! This is the part of the party everyone gets to take home with them. You don’t have to be Martha Stewart and get that creative, I like to, but it isn’t necessary. Just try to remember that it’s a chance to practice and it doesn’t have to be perfect. Any failed attempts can be used as lunch bags! Magnets can be added to almost anything and are a fun addition to the party or the goody bags depending on your venue.We made our own Minecraft magnets to add to the fridge as well as a little baggie of home made magnets in each goody bag for kids to use on their own fridge.

6eff2399f3353d73307e4864ebdc4fd5 468ed75a44da68163ee7e3b1bc7fcd30b74661cde51683114e9d920a5c2b7f49

#3. Think outside the box. You don’t have to have everything a traditional birthday party would have. You can add things that are tailored to your child. We had a Karaoke machine at my sons 2nd birthday party outdoors because he loved to sing a specific song. I figured while playing the children’s music, kids can feel free to grab  the microphone whenever they wanted and go to town! It was a blast and took no effort on my part.

#4. You can do it! Why pay for a Character to come to your child’s birthday party when you can be the Character? Ebay has a ton of great looking costumes for a great price, We got a Mickey mouse costume and asked my brother to dress up in it toward the end of the party after cake so the children could take pictures. We let each child’s parent get a picture with Mickey Mouse alone, and then we did a group picture of all the children together. I did buy the backdrop from a store because it was bright and had “Happy Birthday” from all the Mickey Mouse clubhouse characters, but it’s not needed if you want to save money. The BEST part about this, is that after gently using the mascot costume, I resold it for just about the price I paid for it, so that was just about FREE!The kids enjoyed it as did the parents.

#5. Make a mix CD. As stated above, get creative with your goody bags! There are tons of free parody songs on you tube these says that kids can sing over and over again, As part of my sons “Minecraft” themed party, I found 15 Minecraft themed parodies he listens to and used this nifty MP3 converter site ( to DL the songs and burn them to a CD. I also went the extra step and made 3 versions. One of Minecraft Parodies, and 2 others mixed with other songs that smaller children would enjoy. I knew there would be siblings and didn’t want them getting 3 of the same CD’s. I made the covers of the CD’s to go along with theme. These were a big hit and all of the children still talk about these to this day!


#6. Don’t forget you can resell almost anything these days on Ebay or Facebook. For my sons Mickey Mouse party, I also made my own “Happy Birthday” banner and decor (along with the cake, but that got devoured!). I was able to post the banner and sign up on Ebay and it sold almost immediately, so that technically was also “free” and fun to make!

d3da138f1c80c7ed0da9aa6f0a67749e d10f911c9c100263f946cbd5685b0b8d

#7. Props. They always come in handy. If there is one thing people love to do with their children, it’s take pictures. Every opportunity, they will snap a shot. Give them some props that they can include in their photos and remember the party they enjoyed! For my sons Mario themed birthday party, we did Mustache props. Each child got a fun Mustache they can hold up  and on the stick is printed “Jayden’s 7th Birthday”. These were part of the “Goody bags” items to take home. For my other sons 2nd birthday, I carved a #2 out of cardboard, and painted it like Mickey Mouse’s outfit and took pictures of him holding it so we can always cherish that time. It is much easier then it sounds. Again, practice – no one is critiquing the stuff you make!

1499455_10206224998404429_2527791480863987065_n musty

#8. Always over-invite. If there is one thing I found to be true, it’s that only 75% of the invitees will actually show up. You want to be sure that if you’re having the party at a venue, and pre-paying for a certain amount of heads, that you get what you paid for. Most places will charge you the full price regardless. You want to have enough children there to make the party nice and loud! Loud noises – fun and tired kids! Just be sure to have enough supplies for everyone on stand by.


#9. Include the adults! Little kid birthday parties are always filled with much excitement, but usually just for the children. Include the adults with photo ops, and snacks to much on to make it fun for all.

#10. Do presents later on. I find it’s much better to do the presents later on in the comfort of your own home. This way, people aren’t comparing gifts, and smaller children aren’t crying to rip open presents. It also allows the birthday child to enjoy their new stuff without having to share. Yes, this is the one time they shouldn’t be told to share!

I find that birthday parties are more fun and less stressful when you do all the “prep” work and can finally see the finished products in action! These are all items I personally hand made. I did not have any special tools and I hand cut everything, so it is possible (and fun!). I hope you like these ideas and have as much fun as we did!

Miracle Microwave Cleaner – Does it work?

ZEP has come out with a new cleaner that claims to be a “Miracle” Foaming cleaner. So before you run out and buy some, does it live up to its claims?


I put it to the challenge to see. I let me microwave get really messy inside for a week (that’s my story and im sticking to it!).


This is a nice ‘gunked up’ dirty canvas to start with.
I then followed the instructions exactly.


I started spraying the foam and immediately realized an issue. It only let out a tiny bit each pump, so I knew our was going to take a lot of hand work to cover a large part of the microwave. I assume it has to be foam in order to create the steaming action without burning out the microwave from running empty, but I think a little more foam per squirt would’ve helped. Maybe even like a shaving cream style that comes out think and foams up when lathered. That would be easy to just smear it around.

Here is how it looked after the physical labor I went through pumping the foam.


Yea… that’s how the foam comes out. The first time I put it on, I mainly just covered the tray. I assumed it would give some “steaming” action and loosen the stuff on the sides and top, but it did not.

After this running for about 1 1/2 minutes, I eagerly opened the microwave and couldn’t wait to easily wipe away the gunk. To my surprise, it did NOT easily wipe away. It did loosen it a little bit, but I wound up having to scrub the tray in the sink like I would normally…

I figured maybe I didn’t have enough foam or run out long enough. So to give the benefit of the doubt, I added more foam all over and left the tray out. Again, it was nearly impossible to get the foam on the top section of the inside because of how the foam comes out. I let out run for 2 minutes this time. The foam melted into what looked like water. It smells like a lemon clean though, not a strong odor which was good.

I was able to wipe about half of the gunk off this type with a paper towel, but I still had to use quite a bit of elbow grease and a scrub sponge to get it really clean.


So the verdict is in.
Is it really a “Miracle Cleaner”?


Does it help somewhat? Yes. But I was hoping for a stress free experience and something I can recommend to my friend as a real miracle.

Maybe I left too much gunk to clean or maybe it was too crunchy and stuck on? Well, at $3.97 a bottle, I used half of the bottle with this one cleaning believe it or not. So I suppose I have about one full cleaning left. I’ll try it on less of a mess and see what happens.

Candy Easter Baskets Tutorial


These Candy Easter baskets are a cute addition to any Easter decor, or they can be the main basket if you add additional boxes of candy to make it larger.
I went to the dollar store to pick up the boxes of movie theater boxes candy, they were each $1 and the laffy taffy ropes, which I used 2 of each basket, were only 25 cents each. I chose Sweet Tarts, Mike & Ike, Jolly Rancher gummies (this box is a tad bit bigger), and Nerds. The cost totalled just under $5 to make each of the baskets and with 4 boxes, the measurements of the inside is about 6×4″.

The process of making the basket is simple. Here are the steps broken down.

1. Grab any card board box that you have, just writing doesn’t matter. Line up the candy boxes in the form in which you plan on creating the base of the basket. Trace the boxes.


2. Using a utility knife or box cutter to get straight, un-freyed lines, cut out the markings you just made. It doesn’t need to be perfectly even as the cardboard base will be under the candy boxes.
Be careful!

3. If you don’t want the inside bottom of the basket to have the cardboard color, or if you used cardboard with writing on it like I did, you can trace a piece of paper around it and then staple it in each corner.

4. Carefully place the boxes on the base where they will be going, and then one by one, while still in formation, hot glue each box down to the base, and then to each other’s sides.

5. The last step is to add the Laffy Taffy ropes. I used 2 ropes to make it more sturdy. Because I used 2 ropes, I thought it would be neat to overlap them. It was a little difficult, but I did it! The best way to get these to stay put is to glue tge end flaps first to the boxes, and then glue the center top to adhere the 2 ropes together.

Wala! You made a Candy Easter Basket!

Now fill it with some colorful fake grass and shone more goodies!


These can be made to fit any taste! Think of all of the possibilities… Chocolate theme with junior mints, Charleston chews and snow caps…. yea, you get the idea!

They would make a great gift for a teacher or friend.

Please leave your feedback below if you have anything to add our if you’ve gotten to make this basket!

NYC Splash Week – April 6th-10th

To coordinate with the NYC school systems Spring break, the YMCA has created a beneficial FREE program for children to learn water safety and health.


“NEW YORK – In preparation for summer, the YMCA of Greater New York will open registration on Monday, March 23 for its annual YMCA SPLASH WEEK (April 6-10, 2015), a week-long water-safety celebration of swimming that encourages safety and health at the beach, pool or water park.

YMCA SPLASH WEEK is a free program for people of all ages to learn basic swimming lessons and safety practices, while also building self-confidence in the water. Y member and non-members of all swimming abilities are invited to attend YMCA SPLASH WEEK classes at the 22 Y branches throughout the five boroughs.

The Y has a long standing tradition of helping young people learn basic swim skills and safety practices in a safe and affirming environment. In addition to these skills, YMCA SPLASH WEEK participants will also learn the Y’s four core values of respect, responsibility, honesty and caring.”


Monday, March 23, 2015


Register today!

Liberty Science Center – The Body Exhibit

Spring Break is fast approaching and if you haven’t made plans with the kids yet, I have just the place!


I had a chance to check out some of the new exhibits at the Liberty Science Center in Jersey City NJ with #JerseyMomsMedia over the weekend. I have been there many times with my boys who are 2 and 7 and every time we go it’s like a brand new experience.

20150321_122923The main focus of the event was the new Sesame Street Presents “The Body” Exhibit. This exhibit is included with purchase to the museum, but hurry, it is only open Jan 24th – May 3rd 2015!

Children can interact with different stations featuring their favorite characters from the TV show. It includes everything you’d expect from Sesame Street that has kids loving to learn. The best part about this exhibit, as with all exhibits at the LSC is that they are learning so much by simply playing.


The different sections within the exhibit are;20150321_132455

“Your Insides” – This includes Counts Organ Organ which teaches children about their body organs through interactive music including pumping a heart. Digestion with Oscar shows what happens to their food once they eat it (ewwwww I know but they loved it!), and Oscars Sneeze Machine which is a humongous nose that sneezes when irritated.

20150321_134517_wm“Your Outsides” – This includes Your Wonderful Hands which features hands on activities such as puzzles, shadow puppets, and sign language games.Your Legs and Feet is another part of this section and it shows kids what happens when you put your legs in motion! The last part of this section is the Use Your Head area, a play along question and answer show about the parts of the head.

“Staying Healthy” – This was a favorite with my boys. In this section they learn to make smart food choices and get plenty of physical activity and sleep. Ernie and Rubber Ducky get kids started in the “Rub-A-Dub Tub” and children can scan food and learn about healthy meals.

20150321_133544_wmThey get to meet “Goldie” Elmo’s goldfish that is always featured in the how, they can dress Elmo using magnetic parts, and the sections my boys enjoyed the most was the food stations. There is a supermarket and a diner that they were able to shop, and then sell the food at the counter!

After The Body Exhibit, right next door we went to the Beyond the Rubik’s Cube exhibit.


The LSC Debuted the Beyond The Rubik’s Cube on April 24th 2014 to mark the 40th anniversary of the world’s best puzzling toy. It will be available to the public to check out within the LSC until April 16th 2015. My 2 year old immediately gravitated to the hands on area where kids and adults can build with oversized blocks of the rubik’s cube. There is a wooden stationary piece where you can align them by color, or just build towers.


There is a section of the Rubik’s cube exhibit called the Inspire Zone which is home to the one-of-a-kind,18 Karat gold, jewel-encrusted fully functional Rubik’s Cube.This is the world’s most expensive toy estimated to be worth $2.5 Million and is amazing to see! My 7 year old loved using the up-side-down goggles and trying to catch the Rubik’s Cube plush! It was really silly and he was amazed at how he couldn’t see it coming right at him when he had the goggles on.

Another favorite at the LSC is the animals. It’s a small area, but it features so much!The Tamerin Monkey’s are by far the cutest little animals I’ve ever seen! Head over and check them out when you’re there! My 2 year old favors the large puffer fish, and my 7 year old is into the turtles and lizards. They have daily feeling shows and alternate the animals the show during the shows. Grab a show time listing online before going so you make sure to visit them!


Right outside of the animal exhibit is the AMAZING Infinity Climber which is one-of-a-kind in all aspects! Check out my previous review on the Infinity Climber in detail ( No matter how many times we see it, I am always amazed!

Just take a look!

The view from the 2nd floor;


I have to say, from personal experience, it is a bit hard to contort your body to fit through some of the sections, but as long as you’re flexible, you should be OK. I went in with my 6 year old son, and overall, we were inside for a good 15 minutes. I got out after 10 minutes, and he stayed in to conquer the top section of the climber which is just level with floor #4. I thought he may be a little scared of the height, being that it is 35 feet above the floor, but he didn’t mention it at all and flew through the “maze” inside. He was all smiles!

The Infinity climber could not have come to life at a better time. Children of all ages are in love with Spiderman, and with this exhibit, they’re as close as they can get to being Spiderman in his web.

“The World’s First Suspended Climbing Play Space of its kind.”

 The view from the 3rd floor;


That is no small feat. We had to test this out ourselves to see just what was to offer. The Exhibit is 35 feet off above the atrium floor, so the children can look down on onlookers who are watching them climb as well, adding that special feeling of everyone seeing them doing something cool. The wire mesh is there to secure the climbing exhibit but still allow the children to feel that they’re suspended in the air. From within the climber the children can see multiple levels of the science center which is a plus!

As always with the Liberty Science Center, the NYC Skyline is just a step outside of the door. This is true with the Infinity Exhibit as well, you can go right through the doors a few feet away and check out the sky scrapers to take a break once you’re done climbing!

There are so many activities going on around the LSC that are hands on for kids. We got to make BLOOD!The kids learned about the blood in their bodies and what it’s made up out of. The kids really enjoyed this!




We had such a great time and I look forward to going back and checking out the IMAX and 3D movies! I loved them when I was a child on school field trips and I know my children will as well! The IMAX Dome does have age restrictions that children 6 and under cannot go in.

Liberty Science Center Address & Phone;

222 Jersey City Blvd, Jersey City, NJ 07305
(201) 200-1000

2015 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport Review

I was so grateful to have the opportunity to be a guest on the 411 Mommas ( and get to review this amazing vehicle!

Check out my in depth review of the car I had for a week, 2015 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport on! I absolutely loved being a #guest411momma. Head over check out their youtube channel as well for some amazing tips and fun videos!

Overall, we really loved having this SUV as part of our family for the week!


This 2015 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport gets 27 MPG Combined – 24 MPG city/30 MPG highway. I had it for a week and drove about 300 miles city/highway and still had a half tank of gas! I was very pleased with how it balanced out when you drive on highway vs city and there is an”ECO” indicator that I am not sure what it meant, but it did flash from time to time. I assume it’s saying I am driving ECO friendly? LOL!

There is a large panoramic moon roof that my kids adored. My 2 year old especially loved looking at airplanes in the sky IMG_2523while I was driving. It was a useful built in tool to keep him occupied. This would be great in the Summer at night to turn on the heated seats, lay the front seats down, and star gaze out of the moon roof!

It has the best heated seats I have ever seen. They don’t only heat on the seat, but also the lower back area which made the ride home from work that much better!

I didn’t get a chance to use it because I’m not a big blue tooth guru, but it does come with a FUSE hands-free link system built into the 7″ HD touch screen. Also, within the same screen, you can touch a button to turn on the map or to turn on GPS.

The navigation system includes 3D Mapping and free map upgrades yearly.

A funny story about the touch screen/audio, I was a bit confused at first that there wasn’t a slot or section to put a CD. I figured maybe I’m getting old and since it is 2015, people don’t use CD’s anymore… Well, I found a little button and had to push it. To my satisfaction, the screen flipped open, and there it was, the CD slot! They sure thought of it all! There were slots there for updating MAPs and another that looked like a memory card slot – I am not too sure what it is for though.

Something cool I definitely noticed while driving home late at night from work on the highway was the auto-dimming rear view mirror.At first I actually thought I was just seeing things when I noticed bright lights behind me turning this darker greenish hue. For me, this was amazing. I would’ve never even thought something like this existed. I have contacts and my vision at night is very poor. I get halo’s around headlights that shine brightly through the mirror, and this completely fixed that issue for me. I felt very safe driving at night. The amazingly bright LED headlights helped with that too!!!

The keyless entry feature has officially spoiled me. I know it’s 2015, and I am sure a lot of cars are going this route, but wow. It made my shopping trips with my 2 year old much easier. I was able to leave my keys in my purse, and as long as the keys were near the car, I could unlock the car with a button on the door. I’d have to imagine… I say imagine because I only had 1 key for testing purposes and didn’t want to test my luck.. but I’d have to imagine that this would make it nearly impossible to lock your keys in your car. I would think that since they’re in the car, the outside button would allow you to press to unlock. If anyone can confirm this for keyless entry -please comment below!

Either way, it’s still awesome and a luxury you would never know you’re missing out on until you try it for a week! The same for starting and stopping the ignition, completely keyless!IMG_2575

It drove fantastic in the snow in the 4WD option and I am sure the all season tires had much to do with that. The fact that there is an option that is as simple as the push of a button to change from 4WD lock, to 2WD, to 4WD auto is great. On a nice summer day with no need to have 4WD, you can save even more on gas mileage by switching to 2WD but just pushing a button! How about that March snow, huh?!

IMG_2544The only thing I can say I’d improve overall on this vehicle is the trunk space. I know it is a SUV Sport model, so it is smaller and more compact, but all the luxuries of an SUV, but with having car seats always in the vehicle, the fold down trunk space would hardly be used, leaving only a small trunk. It made it hard to fit my stroller with my weekly groceries in the trunk alone.

The Spring time park challenge

I am officially proclaiming “Spring is just around the corner!”


The snow melting, the birds chirping, but still chilly outside. I was thinking about the town that I live in, and how I’d love to check out some more parks and recreational areas we haven’t been to yet with my 2 boys.

That’s when I checked out their local website, and to my surprise, they actually had a list of all of the parks and recreational areas mapped out on an actual map of the town, along with all of the information for each. It includes the type of park and if it includes a playground or not. I was most interested in parks with playgrounds because my 2 year old son is still infatuated with “the park!”

I figured it would give us a “go to” on the days where we have nothing else scheduled. We will hit a park on these days, or maybe even 2, and check it off of our “Spring Park Challenge” list. A challenge I’ve created for us to embark on hitting every park in our town withing the Spring season. It’s a limited time frame due to, ya know, the April showers bring may flowers, everything is soaked and muddy, times… but it’ll be fun, and also it will allow the boys to explore tons of other areas then they’re used to.

I have to say, I am really excited myself! After we do the park tour of our town, we may even open it up to other towns and check em’ off the list. I have even invited some of my other mom friends to come along for the challenge! The whole thing or just a day here and there when they can make it. Outdoor play is something that is being slowly lost these days due to technology and I’m hoping this will help get my boys into the outdoor play more!

If you want your kids to be open to something new, try this out with me! Look up your towns official website and I’m sure they’ll have information similar to mine. And hey, even if you don’t hit them all or beat your challenge, at least you had fun trying!

(Original photo source;