Superbowl Sunday- Easy Cheddar Cheese Fondue

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Super Bowl Sunday is TOMORROW so how about a crowd pleaser that is easy to make, yet seems super elegant?

Over my birthday weekend my husband and I visited the Melting Pot for the first time and tried fondue. I knew I’ve always had a love for cheese, but REALLY?! I am IN LOVE with fondue. The act of dipping anything you want into freshly warmed melty cheese is just too good to be able to describe with words. What is even better is that I remade it at home several times since then and I am going to tell you how to do the same.


Now, Here is what I use- feel free to change it to your liking;

  • 8oz Beer – I used O’douls (2 reasons… I was serving it to my children and didn’t know if my fondue pot was hot enough to get the alcohol completely…

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Jack & Jill Gift Set Giveaway!


These gift sets from are extremely adorable and perfect for a baby shower gift or even a first birthday gift! Dental care is so important and it’s something that new parents rarely think about, I mean, a baby doesn’t hand any teeth so it doesn’t matter right? Wrong! Early gum care and dental care is so important, so let this kit be a reminder to new parents and start them in the right direction.

This kit isn’t only for infants though, it is great for toddlers too! They’ll love to rinse with their adorable purple hippo cup and best of all of is BPA free!

My boys are no strangers to dental care. We maintain our 6 month cleanings and make sure to take care of any issues right away. I learn so much from asking questions at the dentist especially when it comes to my kids. Did you know that children shouldn’t have more then 6oz of juice in a day? Water is best!

Semi-annual cleanings can prevent future problems in you’re child’s teeth on the future. Even a decaying baby tooth can effect the tooth bulb booking below the gum line. Think of decay as a rash, it will go onto anything else it touches, like neighboring teeth as well. It’s best to get rid of that risk by either removing or filling the decaying tooth before other problems arise.


I am giving away one complete Hippo gift set ($36.99 value!), contents below;

Hippo Gift Kit
JnJ Hippo Rinse/Storage Cup, JnJ Natural Toothpaste Organic Blackcurrant Flavour, JnJ Bio Toothbrush Hippo, JnJ Silicone Baby Tooth Brush and JnJ Sleepover Bag

Its got everything they need to have a great time brushing, and a neat and tidy bathroom.

Consists of:
Jack N Jill Hippo Rinse/Storage Cup
Jack N Jill Natural Toothpaste Organic Blackcurrant Flavour
Jack N Jill Bio Toothbrush Hippo
Jack N Jill Silicone Baby Tooth Brush
Jack N Jill Sleepover Bag


You can view the other kits and purchase one yourself at Jack and Jill Kids.

*Disclaimer: I was provided product for this review. All opinions are my own.

Jeeper’s it’s January Link-up over 100 Giveaways!

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*Disclaimer* I have received promotional products from Lite Poppers. This post probably has affiliate links which supports our children’s STEM learning!

Christmas is over, and we are left up brave out the rest of the Winter indoors. In New Jersey we’ve been having some really below normal temperatures and have had to find some things to keep the kids busy and cozy inside.

With all of the toys Santa brought, I’m sure that my kids aren’t the only ones who are still sitting board saying “I’m bored there’s nothing to do mom!”.

With that being said, I am giving away an another airplane 2 in 1 Lite Poppers (to the right – a $19.99 value) since it was so popular the first time around! 20170118_122109.png


Your little one will love LITE Popper’s with the STEM benefits and lego like features, be prepared to want to get more to add to your collection!

There is so many combination options you can choose, they will provide hours of fun.

Make sure to enter before it ends and check out the other link ups in our January hop. Happy hoping!


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