10-Minute No Bake Oreo Truffles

No introduction needed. Just get to it!

For the truffles: You need 1 box of regular oreos and 1 stick (8 oz.) stick of cream cheese. THAT. IS. IT.

It’s important to only get the regular oreos, not the double stuffed or funky new flavors because it messes up the perfect ratio of these 2 things together.

Crush the full oreos, middle frosting and all, in a food processor, chopper, or blender,  just get those suckers into powdery crumbs, no big lumps or it just isn’t the same.  The should look like this when ready…
Then,  add 1 stick of cream cheese,  if you have a stand mixer it doesn’t matter if it’s room temperature or fresh from the fridge.  I prefer cold cream cheese negate ultimately the “dough” will hold its form better, but if you’re mixing by hand go with room temperature so you get the mixture all incorporated.

The mixture should look like thick brownie batter when ready.

Spoon equal amounts into your hand (wear gloves or wash wash wash your hands because you’ll be doing alot of rolling) and roll into equal size balls.  It doesn’t REALLY matter since they aren’t going to be baking or abutting,  but they look nicer when done if all are equal sized. I actually use my little measuring spoons and find the tablespoon size is just the perfect size, especially if you’re looking to add a stick to these and make them into cake pops!

Chill the rolled balls in the freezer,  you can do the fridge too if you don’t have room but the freezer gets them nice and chilled quickly.

Chilling is important ONLY if you’re dipping them in chocolate.  White or dark,  I choose Ghirardelli melts because the just taste the best, but you can use any melting chocolate.
After chilled for about 10 minutes,  work by taking a couple out of the freezer at a time so they don’t get mushy in between. I like to dip and then put onto a wire rack, and then transfer to a wax sheet,  but feel free to use your own method.

If you want to mix it up and not do all chocolate dipped, you can leave them plain (boring…) or roll them in powdered sugar,  or some coconut flakes. Easiest way to do this is to not chill then so they sticky enough to pick up the topping. I like to just put the topping in a ziplock bag and drop 1 ball in at a time and shake.  Coconut is great because you can add some food coloring and add alittle pop of holiday color to your finished product.

When you’re done,  store all in fridge until ready to eat.

Since holidays are coming up quick,  I purchased some treat boxes from Amazon and they come in handy for these.


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