Sorry not Sorry, I’m a helicopter mom.


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I’m sorry if I cut you off mid-sentence to yell “Don’t go down that slide it’s hot!”, or if I seem halfheartedly interested in the conversation we’re having because I can’t stop counting my kids heads at the over-crowded park so I hit you with frequent the frequent “Mhmm” or “I know, right…” .

It’s just that when I take my kids out in public, I can’t control being a helicopter mom. And I don’t want to. I feel as their mother I have a responsibility to keep them from harm as much as possible, at all times. Last time I checked, there wasn’t such a title as a part-time mom. I hate when I hear or see articles saying, “Don’t be a helicopter mom” or “your kids need to learn the hard way”. Why? Why should I let my kids walk into even the smallest danger without trying to protect them? So they learn? I understand trial and error, and they will have much time for that in their later life as teens and adults. I’m sorry I do not feel that a child under 13 needs to learn through trial and error.

I know that there are bad people in this world, all over,.. it’s been proven time and time again and if I feel the need to hover over my child at the park, or at the beach to make sure they’re not stolen from under me, then that is what I am going to do. The world is a much scarier place then it was when I was younger.

And can I tell you something? While you “Free range parents” are not keeping a watchful eye on your child because they should be learning on their own or free to roam within distance, odds are, a helicopter mom like me nearby is busy adding your child to their constant back and forth of counting children and making sure everyone is safe because they’ve already stopped them from going down a hot slide, or putting a rock in their mouth. And that’s fine. It’s my prerogative. Just please don’t mind if I interrupt your lengthy phone call to tell you your child is crawling on top of your newborn babies car seat an caving in the top within an inch from your babies head. And I’ll squint and fake smile when you say thank you and quickly run to grab them off and go back to ignoring your children in a public place.

Now don’t take it the wrong way, children DO need freedom, but there is a time and a place. My children are also free to do whatever I allow them to do. They can even eat dirt if they feel like it (as long as it is inspected by me first – OK, I’m just kidding). I allow them to explore, play with other children, jump off of high objects, and balance on bars if they want to. As long as I am within distance and I always have my eye on their every move.

I can’t say for sure if I’ll continue being a helicopter mom as my children get older, but I can say that it’ll all be up to their decision quality.

So, I’m sorry I’m not sorry, I’m a helicopter mom. I am going to hover over my children until I feel they can make their own wise decisions. I am going to hover over MY CHILDREN until I see that they’ve proven to make the right decisions. And disclaimer; I may partially ignore you in the process.


3 thoughts on “Sorry not Sorry, I’m a helicopter mom.

  1. It is scary. Just when I think I am not the best mother I can be I see one of those parents and think wow even on my worst day I am better than they are in their best day. I feel terrible for those kids.


  2. I’m not saying you are doing anything inherently wrong, however, your children will never be able to make wise decisions if you do not allow them the time and ability to do so. You are stunting your childrens’ decision making skills by not allowing them to make their own choices and explore their world.


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