Holiday Gift 2021 Alert No. 4: The Floor is Lava Game Goes Outside 

The 4th “New” item on my 5 weeks until Christmas list is here!

The Floor is Lava Game Goes Outside. 

Switching out the living room carpet for a grass covered lawn is proving to be a fun new environment to play.

Brian Turtle, National Sales Manager of Endless Games, said, “Playing our Floor Is Lava Game will definitely save your living room furniture, and taking it outside offers fun new challenges for players of the game.”

Many people know the impromptu game of shouting out “LAVA” and everyone jumping up into nearby objects to get their feet off the ground. Endless Games created a format where players continue to imagine the floor is molten hot lava, but added play patterns using a spinner for color call-outs and having players jump along foam game pieces in order to reach safety. Challenge cards that enforce activities that can make it difficult not to fall into the lava come into play when landing on certain tiles.

Taking the game outside adds another format to play. “Tiles can be placed farther apart. Patio furniture and natural objects, like rocks and trees, can provide touch points or obstacles,” Turtle explained. “It’s very interesting to see the ways that kids are using their imaginations and being active with the game play.”

Endless Games continues to enjoy the success of its game, and it certainly helps that all things lava are trending. With a new season of the top-rated Netflix series The Floor Is Lava Game Show, a popular video game, and thousands of viral videos – the hot topic isn’t cooling off anytime soon.

“We love seeing kids be active with our games and we’ve increased our selections in that category,” Turtle said. Traffic Cop ($24.99 for ages 5+), the classic schoolyard game about crossing intersections, joined Endless Games line-up last year, and the company is very excited by the 2021 launch of its Obstacle Course in A Box Game ($24.99 for ages 7+) that will be released this summer.   

About Endless Games: Founded in 1996 by industry veterans Mike Gasser, Kevin McNulty and game inventor Brian Turtle, Endless Games specializes in games that offer classic entertainment and hours of fun at affordable prices. The three have an uncanny ability for discovering and developing hit games, having been a part in past successes Trivial Pursuit™, Pictionary® and Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon™. The mission of the Endless Games team and partners is to produce high quality entertainment in board games that are quick and easy to learn and offer “Endless” play value to all people. For additional information, visit


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