Horse Haven World Adventures Mobile App


When I was a teen, the game “The Sims” came out for PC and I was hooked.

The game allowed you to basically raise another person and tell them what to do. Build your own new home, furnish it with the newest appliances, and the best part, find a job and make as much money as you could!

For me, I’d always be upset about the fact that my game play was so limited and I only got to play it when stationed at the desktop computer.

With all of the new apps out there, I am so surprised it took so long for a game like this to come out. Finally, UbiSoft got it right when they came out with this FREE app!

I am talking about Horse Haven; New World Adventures. This is every little girls dream! You raise and breed horses. Keep the stables neat and clean, and race and ride them!

If you have a young daughter, or if your like simulation games like I do, I suggest you check it oy! You can get extra diamonds and points to build your farm land bigger and better and the possibilities are endless!

The only quam I have with this game is I feel like they are trying to get you to buy and buy when it comes to speeding up r process, but I guess that’s how ever free app is now a days. They have to make money some how.

I give this game a 3 out of 5 stars because if the slight difficulty of use and the time lapse if you don’t pay for diamond, but I hope this is the start of more simulation games in the app store in the future!

As of 2018, Horse Haven is now available on PC making this game that much more fun!

Check it out and get it here:



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