Kale Chips Recipe Plus win a $250 Visa Gift Card



You can win a $250 Visa Gift Card just by learning to make Kale Chips and #Shakeyourkale!

Watch the video below for details on recipe and of course how to enter the contest.

Make sure to do your own video of shaking your kale “Make your own Kale Chips” by the Kitchen Twins ($3.99 at your local grocer – Shoprite, Pennington, etc..) and tag Itz_Cheryl and KitchenTwins on Instagram and hashtag #ShakeyourKale and #NJBlogger to be eligible to win.

Anyone can enter but purchase of product is necessary. Contest is valid from 5/16 and the winner will be randomly chosen from the hashtags on June 1st.

A tip; I also now buy this “Make your own Kale Chips” bag of triple washed Kale instead of the fresh Kale at the store when using it in my other recipes. It is so fresh and crispy, already washed thoroughly, and I can make some Kale Chip appetizers while using the rest of my Kale in my entree’!

Good Luck and happy Shaking!


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