Coquito Holiday Drink Hack

It’s that time of the year!

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coquito hack

I am sure you have heard of Coquito, a Puerto Rican originated coconut-based alcoholic beverage that is similar to eggnog, sometimes erroneously referred to as Puerto Rican Eggnog. It literally means “little coconut” yet to me, there is not much of a coconut flavor in the original drink. I have tried it, and it is oh so yummy. So I’ve remade it, with my own twist. You may argue this is not Coquito, however if you bring it to a party, and tell people it’s Coquito, 98% of the time they would not know the difference.

The thing is, Coquito is just intimidating to make. Just like regular egg nog, it contains raw egg yolks that must be prepared just right or the drink can be ruined, not to mention get people sick.

I have a hack to make a ‘Coquito-esq’ drink that can pass for the yummy cocktail…

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