Back to school clothing routine

Back to school is next week for my kids. If you’re anything like me, a working mom or dad, back to school time can make you cringe. Packing cute lunches is fun for the first week, and adorable brand new school outfits will quickly become just another shirt in the laundry.

For me, I have to be to work earlier then my kids go to school. Laying out outfits have proven to work in the past, but there are those days that I forgot to leave them out and it can lead to morning caos and extra wasted time.

We’ve all seen the tutorial if easier packing for your luggage, why not for your kids school clothes?

STOP, DROP, & ROLL is the basic idea!

You can plan it based on the weather forecast for the week, or have a separate drawer or lighter or heavier clothes. You can pack based on the week, or fold up a bunch of “outfit rolls” and just pick and go in the morning.

Why didn’t I think of doing this sooner? Especially with 2 boys, clothes get thrown all over and unorganized. Can’t get much more organized then this! You can also put a hair tie or clip around them for the girls outfit.





Organize by the day of the week or just simply throw them in. Either way, it makes laundry day folding much easier, the clothes piles much less, and the school day mornings much simpler!



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