Dr Doris Day Interview & AmLactin Gift Set Giveaway

Winter is Coming! Be Ready…


There is a vicious cycle in the Winter when it comes to skin care. There are more sickness’s going around, especially if you have children, and you wash your hands more often to avoid contracting and passing around germs. During the winter months, the cold, brisk air tends to cry and brittle your hands that are oil-less from washing them so often. It was never an issue for me until I became a mom. I wash my hands out of habit, and do it a lot. Last year, my hands were so dry and cracked, and by the time I HAD to fix it, nothing would work well enough to fix it, only cover it up temporarily. I wish I found these products sooner.

I have something to ease your mind. It’s called AmLactin. It’s  a line of skin care products developed by dermatologist Dr. Doris Day. I was fortunate enough to pick her brain in an interview with her. See below what she thinks about Winter skin damage and how her products are formulated to work against it.

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unnamed (1)Dr. Doris Day, Dermatologist

  1. What is a prominent misconception people have regarding winter skin revitalization?

Many people think that the secret to hydrated skin is to drink gallons of water. Unfortunately, drinking water isn’t going to make much difference when it comes to the very outer layers of your skin. Drinking water is still important for your overall health and for the deeper layers of your skin (water gives them firmness), but don’t expect it to transform your complexion from the surface. Outer skin layers need protection and attention from the outside with the right moisturizers and antioxidants, and of course sun protection.

  1. What distinguishes the AmLactin collection of skin care products from other brands?

AmLactin uses gentle alpha-hydroxy acids which work double duty on parched winter skin. They gently exfoliate dead skin cells that can build up, thereby encouraging natural cell renewal. These multitasking alpha-hydroxy acids are also naturally occurring humectants, meaning they attract water molecules to help skin look and feel hydrated. Plus, you can find AmLactin products at your local drugstore. You don’t have to break the bank to have beautiful skin.

  1. Which factors are most important to you in determining whether to recommend a skin care product?

I always look for science and clinical data about both safety and efficacy. I also ask myself, “Is this something I would use?” If I can unequivocally answer “Yes” to this question, I know that this product is safe, effective, and worthy of a recommendation. Any product I recommend has undergone rigorous clinical research and has proven results.

  1. What are some of your favorite AmLactin products and why? 

As we get older, the skin’s natural renewal cycle slows down and can cause dead cells to build up on the skin’s surface, giving it a rougher texture and dull appearance, and oil glands become less active, which can make it harder to retain moisture in the skin. Ceramides, a key component of your skin’s outer layer, may no longer be as plentiful, which can leave skin dry and vulnerable to environmental factors.

That’s why I love AmLactin Cerapeutic Restoring Body Lotion. It’s an all-over body lotion that combines exfoliating and hydrating alpha-hydroxy acids with three essential ceramides for soft, healthy-looking skin. As a busy mom and professional, I appreciate that it keeps my skin hydrated all day long.

Especially during the winter months, I also like to pamper my feet and my hands with AmLactin Ultra Hydrating Body Cream. It’s rich enough to penetrate the thick skin on the bottom of the foot, and its alpha-hydroxy therapy can take heels from cracked and callused to soft and smooth with regular use.

I like that AmLactin Ultra works just as well as a hand cream, too. With how often I have to wash my hands as doctor, they can easily become cracked and itchy—especially when exposed to harsh New York City winds. AmLactin Ultra restores lost moisture to repair and soften severely dry skin.

  1. What is the most common cause of skin deterioration during the winter season?

Winter skin just doesn’t get a break. It’s either being blasted by cold, dry outdoor air or hot, dry indoor air, which is why it can be so difficult to keep skin hydrated. Skin also commonly suffers from sun damage in the winter. With UV rays being reflected off the snow, many people don’t realize that a day at the slopes can be just as damaging as a day at the beach. We also tend to take long, hot showers in the winter, and this can really dry out our skin.

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Good Luck! Please let me know below what product you currently use to heal your Winterized skin!





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