Hands on Museum – Ann Arbor (Family 4 Pack Giveaway!)


The Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum, located in Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA, specializes in interactive exhibits with the goal of helping both children and adults discover the scientist within them by promoting science literacy through experimentation, exploration, and education.


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During Spring Break, my family and I drove to Michigan to visit family. During this visit, we took a trip to the Hands on Museum in Ann Arbor, Michigan which was about a 30 minute car ride from where we were staying. It was so adorable and much more then I expected for what they charge for entry –

$12 for Adults and Children
$5 after 5pm on Thursdays only
Free for Babies 0-23 months

If you become a member, its always FREE admission for unlimited visits. Suggested parking is in the Ann St. Parking Garage at the end of the street for easy walking distance.

The Museum consists of 4 floors packed with exhibits for all ages. When you first walk in, there is a section to put your coats and you have the option to rent a locker as well if you didn’t want to carry some of your items. If you have a younger child, you can bring your stroller inside the museum as well. Coat check is free.

There is a “Museum Store” also in the front entrance where you can shop any time during your visit. It includes some really cool items that you’ll see around the exhibits.

The first floor was really packed with fun stuff. We checked out the foam block section first because my 2 year old loves building blocks. These foam blocks are all over the floor in a large section that multiple children can play with at once without being on top of each other. It also features one of my sons other favorites. An ambulance that kids can sit in the front seat of, or even climb into the back where the action happens. There is a water section with water tables, an all about you section where kids can explore their bodies which my 7 year old loved, plus many other exhibits on the 1st floor.


The 2nd floor was really cool. It has some over sized bubble makers that you can actually stand in and wrap a bubble around yourself! How cool is that?! There are some cool machines and simulations on how the internet works, as well as a train table with trains on a slot that teaches kids puzzle skills to get the train all together. My 2 year old was into the train table the most and didn’t want to leave this floor. My 7 year old enjoyed the Michigan Nature section that featured some really cool large rocks. There is also a Lyons country store where kids can pretend to work in the store and see the “old style” set-up including a vintage cash register.


Also on the 2nd floor is the “Preschool Play” area which I suggest you visit last if you have small children because there is a ton to do and interact with and they will not want to leave it (tantrum alert!). Your child has to be under 5 years old to enter, so it is very safe for even the smallest toddler, but if you have an older child, they can enter too as a “Sibling Helper” and get a badge to wear saying it which is really cute. There is a large maze that you put balls into and see them go through it. It reminds me of a mouse trap game. There is a play house, a preschool are equipped with books, cubbies, and hanging sections to hang your stuff like a real preschool would have. Additionally, there is a large water section for them to play with tub type toys. There is even a section for crawling babies who can’t quite enjoy the other sections yet. It is gated off with small, soft play toys and only infants can enter.


The 3rd floor was lights and fiber optics. These were really cool to see how lighting effects the way you see things and how energy runs through us. You can play stringless laser harp of create a shadow show on the wall.

20150407_140005 20150407_135938

The 4th and final floor was the Media floor. There is a large room that kids can dance and play in and see themselves on the big screen. This is a light show effect, and although they cannot see themselves, they see their outlines in bright lights and sequences. The next room on this floor was really cool and we were in there for a while. It has a green screen and you can choose from multiple scenarios and see yourself on TV in that scene. Some of the scenes are A Weather Man, a highway where you can play “Frogger”, and a Spiders Web (Ewwwww creepy!). I have to say, I enjoyed this exhibit a lot.


We had a lot of fun and spent quite a few hours exploring this museum. Hopefully you have a chance to check it out soon. To get a jump start, enter my GIVEAWAY of a family 4 pack of passes now!


Contest ends 4/21/2015 – Passes valid until December 2015

They host birthday parties and even offer museum rental for other occasions! Check out some more by clicking below;


Museum Hours:
Monday: 10 – 5
Tuesday: 9 – 5
Wednesday: 10 – 5
Thursday: 10 – 8
Friday: 10 – 5
Saturday: 10 – 5
Sunday: Noon – 5

220 E. Ann St. Ann Arbor, MI 48104


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