Miracle Microwave Cleaner – Does it work?

ZEP has come out with a new cleaner that claims to be a “Miracle” Foaming cleaner. So before you run out and buy some, does it live up to its claims?


I put it to the challenge to see. I let me microwave get really messy inside for a week (that’s my story and im sticking to it!).


This is a nice ‘gunked up’ dirty canvas to start with.
I then followed the instructions exactly.


I started spraying the foam and immediately realized an issue. It only let out a tiny bit each pump, so I knew our was going to take a lot of hand work to cover a large part of the microwave. I assume it has to be foam in order to create the steaming action without burning out the microwave from running empty, but I think a little more foam per squirt would’ve helped. Maybe even like a shaving cream style that comes out think and foams up when lathered. That would be easy to just smear it around.

Here is how it looked after the physical labor I went through pumping the foam.


Yea… that’s how the foam comes out. The first time I put it on, I mainly just covered the tray. I assumed it would give some “steaming” action and loosen the stuff on the sides and top, but it did not.

After this running for about 1 1/2 minutes, I eagerly opened the microwave and couldn’t wait to easily wipe away the gunk. To my surprise, it did NOT easily wipe away. It did loosen it a little bit, but I wound up having to scrub the tray in the sink like I would normally…

I figured maybe I didn’t have enough foam or run out long enough. So to give the benefit of the doubt, I added more foam all over and left the tray out. Again, it was nearly impossible to get the foam on the top section of the inside because of how the foam comes out. I let out run for 2 minutes this time. The foam melted into what looked like water. It smells like a lemon clean though, not a strong odor which was good.

I was able to wipe about half of the gunk off this type with a paper towel, but I still had to use quite a bit of elbow grease and a scrub sponge to get it really clean.


So the verdict is in.
Is it really a “Miracle Cleaner”?


Does it help somewhat? Yes. But I was hoping for a stress free experience and something I can recommend to my friend as a real miracle.

Maybe I left too much gunk to clean or maybe it was too crunchy and stuck on? Well, at $3.97 a bottle, I used half of the bottle with this one cleaning believe it or not. So I suppose I have about one full cleaning left. I’ll try it on less of a mess and see what happens.


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