What to expect when expecting – Birth Story edition!


There is a profound realization shared by all women who experience pregnancy: ‘I am growing another human-being inside of me’. Quite literally, we are harvesting a parasite and our bodies take on the role of host. Despite any anxiety or natural uncertainty about this responsibility, we seem to find a humbling comfort in it. I know I did. As your stomach begins to grow, so does your smile. As you’re getting closer to meeting your precious bundle of joy, feelings of anxiousness, fear and worry take over. Fear of the unknown. Well, the KNOWN, actually;

An understanding that “what goes in, must come out”…

When it’s finally time for your baby to come, everyone will have their own unique experience, just like pregnancy. Some will have an easy labor and delivery, some will not. Some will take hours, others will take days. There are inductions, C-sections, natural, water-births, ,medicated…you name it. No matter what your experience will be, one thing is for sure. That baby WILL need to come out.

I have enlisted the help of some Mommy’s to share their birth stories with you. You will soon see that not all birth stories are alike. Hopefully, these experiences will give you a glimpse of what to expect–and what you might not be expecting–when your big day arrives.

Cheryl K – NJ

Unfortunately, I cannot remember all of the details. I had saved my birth story to a site that you share them on, and I did not know it would be deleted after a year or 2. I really wish I had both of them still written down to look back on. I suggest you write your birth story up right while it’s fresh in your mind! Here goes… I was due on 3/17/08, St. Pattys day. Being my first pregnancy, I was assuming I’d have him on that day. or maybe give or take a day. Boy was I wrong! He did not want to come out… I winded up being induced at 41 weeks pregnant. I was not dilated at all, maybe 1 cm if that.They softened my cervix with Cervadil (?) and then after a few hours, they started Pitocen which jump starts labor. I was in such pain when the contractions started that I couldn’t wait to get the giant epidural needle shoved into my back! After I got the epidural, I immediately felt better. It was great. They told me after that to relax and try to take a nap.. I was so nervous and could not jaydensleep. A few hours later at about 3 am, I had dilated to 10cm and it was time to push, I couldn’t feel ANY of the contractions, so I couldn’t push WITH them. I had to have the nurses look at the screen and tell me when to push. Being that I couldn’t feel anything, I only got him down so far and his heart rate started dropping. It was the scariest few minutes of my life..They had to use forceps to pull him out (crazy I know) but luckily everything went OK. I gave birth to my beautiful baby boy Jayden – 7lbs 11oz and 19″ long on 3/25/2008!

My total labor was I believe 9 hours from start of induction and pretty uneventful. Luckily I recorded most of it!!! I am so happy I did that.

My 2nd birth I was 40 weeks + 4 days and labor came on naturally. Looking back on it, it wasty a breeze. I remember waking up in the middle of the night after dreaming I was having menstrual cramps. I shot up after I realized I was REALLY having cramps and remembered I was pregnant! I was 5 cm when I finally got to the hospital and within just a few hours, my baby boy Tyler was here! 8lbs 5oz and 19 3/4″ long. My epidural only worked on HALF of me this time. I feel like the whole epidural dose only went to one half. I felt a little of the pushing, but still not bad. That was super scary because I couldn’t feel my entire left side for a full 24 hours. The anesthesiologist kept coming in and was worried. Luckily, after 24 hours I was back to normal.

Jen K – MN

My daughter was footling breech and I had a scheduled C-section for Monday, December 30th, 2013. I had tried everything to flip her around – doctors tried a version, and I tried chiropractor, acupuncture, and exercises. She was one stubborn baby!

One week prior on Monday, December 23rd I had my weekly doctor appointment with ultrasound and was put on the monitors since I had gestational diabetes. After my appointment, I ran to a bunch of places to pick up some stuff we hadn’t picked up yet to get ready for – changing pad, yoga pants for the hospital, etc. While running errands I kept feeling some pains which I now realize was labor pains but at the time I thought I did too much walking around that day.

I got home and started cleaning (after the fact I realized I was nesting!) because we were having company over the next day to celebrate Christmas. About 9:30 pm I decided to quit and go take a shower and then had a small bowl of cereal for a snack.

At 10:30 I had just finished my snack and was debating on getting up to clean more or go to bed and finish it in the morning before people arrived. Just as I had decided to finish in the morning, I heard a pop and realized my water broke! I called the nurse line to let them know my water broke and they told me to get to the hospital. I packed my bag since I hadn’t done that yet and then we headed to the hospital.

We got to the hospital at 11:45 pm and they stuck me in a temporary room because they didn’t believe me that my water broke! They tested and figured that yes in fact my water broke. They hooked me up to the machines and realized that my contractions were 2 minutes apart so they had to act fast to get me prepped for the C-section. Since it was a holiday at midnight (Christmas eve) they didn’t have their normal staffing so they were scrambling around. I think I had 3 or 4 different nurses come in to ask me the same sets of questions! jen k

Anyways they finally got me rolled into the operating room where the anesthesiologist got me prepped and they started. Adalynn Nichole was born at 1:39 am. 8lbs 12oz 20.5″ long – just 3 hours after my water broke!

All I remember after that is that my husband was holding her and she was sooo hungry but I couldn’t feed her since they were still working on me and then I got sick because I had eaten so close to getting the anesthesia. At 5am we got back to the room and I was able to hold and feed my daughter.

I kept saying she was going to be born on Christmas because our last name is Krengel (like Chris Kringle) and the doctor’s name is Dr. Klos (like Santa Claus). She was close – Christmas Eve!

Ashley M – VA

It all started May 2013 on board the USS George H. W. Bush. My husband and I are both in the Navy. After meeting me moved very quickly with our relationship. In June we moved in together. While underway with the ship we discovered we were pregnant. We pulled back in pier side and I checked off the ship into a safer command for my pregnancy.

September we got married. November we found out we were being blessed with a beautiful baby girl. Months go by and I’m reaching my 7th month of pregnancy and my husband was set to deploy. April 8th my mom flew in from California. April 9th at my weekly check up I had my membrane stripped and immediately got crampy.  April 10th my father in law made his way down from Maryland to join us for the birth.

That night I got turned away from or military hospital for not being in enough pain. The 11th came around and same thing. Only this time I had contractions within 1 minute and 20 seconds of each other but it still wasn’t good enough. So we ventured home so I could try to sleep it off. After about 2 minutes of trying to ‘handle’ it we were off and on our way to a civilian hospital. They took me right in. I was 5cm dilated and 100% effaced.

This was about 0330. 0430 my best friend arrived to take pictures because my hubby was going to miss this I also had a photographer come but she said she was busy and couldn’t wait all day so she left. Anyway, 0730 I got the greatest thing ever… An epidural.ashley

Life was great. 0950 and I feel a lot of pressure. My doc comes to check me and she says the magic words “you’re ready to push!” Immediately I start bawling because being strong is hard and I didn’t want to do this without my husband at least on the phone. We’re getting set up and I hear ‘American kids’ –  Kenny Chesney.  My ringtone.

My husband who was on watch at the time had a feeling he should call and reached me just in time to count down my pushes. He got to hear her first breath and cry. At 1004 we welcomed Kamdyn Leigh, our beautiful 5lb 11oz 19in long tiny baby girl into our lives and into this world. 7 months later and Kamdyn  finally got to meet her daddy. These two are quite the pair.

Maureen S – CA

My fist pregnancy was a shock. Completely. The Dr. Called me in for my readings of my first trimesters disability testing. I was so nervous. When he told me I had a positive test result of a baby with down syndrome I just cried. I was so worried my baby would not experience the life she deserved. I was afraid that she would have major health problems, be made fun of, and worse and I am ashamed to admit… what would people think.

For a split second i thought about aborting but then was like what the heck am i thinking. I am not god and this baby was given to me for a reason. I did not abort! We were scheduled for genetic testing and counseling. The specialist told me after everything that he did not see anything abnormal with anything about my pregnancy so I had hope that I’d have a healthy baby.

The pregnancy was perfect. Never sick or anything always felt great! My labor was 19 horrible hours long. Back labor they call it. It felt like knives stabbing me in the back. So painful I was throwing up. I delivered natural no pain meds or anything…that was the easy part!

After delivering my beautiful baby girl, my uterus inverted and came out with my placenta. I was literally bleeding to death while the dr. Held my insides in and rushed me to surgery.. I only Maureenremember looking at my baby and then the elevator for a minute then fighting the nurse about putting me under… I was terribly scared.. The Dr. Saved my life and off to recovery I went where I maureen2finally got to meet my little girl! She was absolutely beautiful and amazingly perfect in every way possible! Baby Payton was born with down syndrome and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Being only 22 at the time, the downs and the uterine inversion was extremely rare. Even though it was really scary I wouldn’t trade that experience with anybody. I love my my baby so much! She has taught me and my family so much and we are so blessed to have her. And i am so blessed to be her mommy!!!

My second pregnancy was so hard on me. Very painful right from the start. Lily was deliver c section with known complications! I’m so happy I have 2 healthy happy children to call mine!

Suzy B – NJ

My lovely birth story starts by confirming the urban legend that sex can totally start contractions. At about 9 or 10 am the contractions became regular enough to warrant admitting me. Make sure you drink lots of water before this next part ladies, 2 techs couldn’t stick me, took one veteran nurse to find a good vein.

Everything was dandy until it came time for my epidural. Apparently I was allergic to something in it! They changed the meds and all was well or so I thought. I started feeling contractions on one side of my body, not the other. Oh scoliosis! I was given something else to help with the pain.

At this point I’m told that I’m not dilating as fast as I should be. I was dilating only on my contractions, not staying that way… oi. I had gone into this wanting a natural birth. Turns out Dr was wanting to do a semi emergency c-section. Birth plans don’t hold much weight…suzy

I’m not convinced that it was the best choice at this point or not but I trusted my Dr. At 12 hours since being checked in I was in the OR. The love of my life was born at 9:57 pm on October 17th. For all the calamities that happened that day, I would gladly do it again in a heart beat.


I’d give anything to do it again…. on a side note please get your pap smears yearly, support cervical cancer!

Jessica B – CA

I stopped taking the pill in March because my DH and I wanted to try to conceive by May of last year. It took only 2 weeks for us to get pregnant. My pregnancy was fairly easy… I could elaborate but this is about the birth.  I went to my OB check up at 40 weeks and 3 days. Our little baby girl hadn’t dropped into my pelvis and my cervix was not dilated, no effacement either. She offered to induce me THAT NIGHT! A little shocked at how quickly we could have our baby here, but excited, hubby and I agreed and went into the hospital that night around 8pm. I got admitted and hooked up by 9 pm and started a suppository medication to help me dilate and efface.

I progressed slightly throughout the night, didn’t sleep. Friday morning I was only about 3-4cm dilated. I got out of bed and walked the halls for 30 minutes, stopping to breathe through mild contractions. Rested for another 30 minutes then walked another 30 minutes. This got me to 7cm. After I got to 7cm, within the span of about 3-4 hours Friday afternoon they ordered pitocin for me, my doctor came in and broke my water and I got a pain medication dose through my IV because the contractions were really intense and painful (I was moaning and groaning in the fetal position with a white-knuckle grip on the side of the bed).

My husband got into the bed and spooned me while we worked on my breathing through the pain until I got the shot. The epidural that I planned for was delayed because the anesthesiologist was held up. Otherwise I wouldn’t have gotten a pain shot (that wasn’t the plan but hey, gotta go with the flow and do what’s best). The anesthesiologist had to insert the epidural needle 3 times because he kept missing the right spot. My husband was watching him, getting annoyed with how many times he had to poke me and almost lost it! I was glad I got the pain shot because otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to sit still through the epidural administration.

The contraction pain had gotten too intense. Side note; I lost my mucus plug throughout labor as my cervix progressed. Once I had the epidural I was able to relax and I kept progressing thanks to the pitocin. Around 6:30 that night I was ready to push. It took some time and coaching from the L&D nurse to actually push correctly and effectively. With the epidural I couldn’t really feel much (thankfully) and had to really concentrate on getting it right so that my pushes would actually deliver. Another side note; my husband kept jokingly asking if he could catch the baby when it came out (obviously not an option as he is not a doctor haha) so as a compromise the nurse offered to let him put on a sterile glove and feel the baby’s head inside the birth canal.

He was so excited and said it was an amazing experience. So I pushed for about 40-45 minutes and my doctor got there just in time for the last few pushes. They has to page her several times ajessicand kept holding me off until she got there. I was getting pissed that she was taking so long and when I heard she was in the hallway getting ready to come in I literally yelled “get your ass in here” at her from the hospital bed haha. Baby came out at 7:16 pm Friday night.

She was delivered with miconeum so they had to take her from my chest right away and suction her nose and mouth. My hubby didn’t get to cut the cord because they had to whisk her away so fast to get her airway and breathing going. She wasn’t crying yet until they were able to clear everything out. I ended up with a 1st degree tear and a few stitches. Baby girl was 7lbs and 19inches long. She’s 7 weeks old now and I love her more than anything. I would endure it all over again for her in a heartbeat.

Stephanie B – NY

I was 17 when I got pregnant and I had a very challenging pregnancy. I went into premature labor 4 times before 20 weeks, I fell down a flight of stairs, and premature labor twice after 20 weeks because I was doing to much and not obeying bed rest requests. I didn’t know the sex of my child until my due date when my Dr said “he’s not coming anytime soon”..

I was induced on September 13th in the am and had a tough time getting past 5 centimeters. They used a second drug to make the labor come on faster then it was and it made my contractions off the charts. On September 15th around noon I finally reached 10 centimeters and was told if I didn’t have him by 3:00 he would be a c-section which I really didn’t want….michael

So in the mix of labor when while I was pushing and they could see his head he stopped breathing. Instead of a c-section they used forceps to pull out my son because while i was pushing he got stuck on my pelvis and his cord which was already around his neck tightened.

He was born at 9lbs 15oz on 09/15/09 (awesome coincidence) 22 3/4 inches and was 9 days late. Mommys’ Chunky boy.

Arlene E – CA

It was the morning of my last prenatal appointment, 3 days before my due date, which was October 31st, the doc went ahead and checked me, I was 1 cm dilated. Dr then asks me when I wanted baby out, of course I reply “ASAP”. He preceded by stripping my membranes, holy crap so painful! He then tells me I should be going into labor that night, my eyes opened wide and I thought to myself “that soon?” He said if you don’t, just go ahead and come into the hospital anyways, we’ll give a little Medicine and get labor going. I go home, but stop at IN & OUT on my way, who knew when my next meal would be haha!

I arrive home, relax, then decide to go on a walk. I come back from my walk and needed to use the rest room which is then that my mucus plug fell out. I hop in the shower and get ready and pretty to meet my son.

6pm comes around and I decided It was time to go to hospital, no sign of labor approaching but for reason I felt like it was time. On the way to the hospital, just 10 minutes away, my water breaks!!! In the car! I just laughed and laughed. We arrive and the nurse checks me in. By that time it was about 7pm. Labor was a breeze, trying to breath through my contractions and trying not to think about the pain. I was 5cm when nurse walks in and asks if I wanted the epidural because the anesthesiologist was on his way from home which was out of town to do another ladies epidural then he would then have to leave again, I said YESS please!!!

I got my epidural and I then fell asleep. 8am comes around and I get the BIGGESTurge to use to Arlenerestroom. I knew it was Time to push. I call my nurse and let her know its time. I start pushing through every contraction, I probably pushed on and off for 10 minutes, I hear the nurse say “last push! Come on baby is almost out last push!” I pushed like a champ, and there he was!!!

My baby Maddox! the most beautiful baby I had ever laid my eyes on , weighing in at 6. 9 pounds and 18 1/2 inches. Maddox arrived October 29th at 830 am. he was such a calm quiet baby. Bright eyed, and soooo alert! the love of my life was finally in my arms and I wouldn’t have changed one thing!

Heather M – CA

I had a pretty easy pregnancy after two miscarriages. Things went smoothly and I had every intention of having my son naturally.

Starting at week 37, I started having contractions on and off and had dilated to 1 cm. Week 38 was the same. More contractions but no changes to my cervix.

During this time I slowly started losing my mucus plug. Week 39 came and I ended up in labor and delivery for a couple hours contracting every 3 minutes just to be sent home because they stopped and  cervix never changed.HEather

When I went in for my appointment at 40 weeks 1 day I was frustrated. My son was estimated to be between 8 and 10lbs with a huge head. I talked my fears through with my doctor which were mainly that I didn’t want to be induced just to labor for hours and end in a c-section. So it was at that point I opted for the c-section.

We scheduled it for the next morning however I started bleeding that night and within 4 hours I was laying on the table having my baby.  He was 7lbs 4.7oz and 19 inches long.

For me it was the best decision I could have made and will do it again in a heartbeat.

Tanya H – CA

I hope this helps all the soon to be mommies!

I was due March 25, 2014. At 5:30 am on March 30, 2014 I woke up all of a sudden and felt funny. My friend told me when her water broke she felt like she peed but when she would stand up it just started coming out. When I woke I thought my water had broke. I was laying in bed and I remembered what she had told me so I got up to see if it would keep flowing. Nothing happened, so I went to the restroom.

Next thing I know, I pull down my pants and this white sticky stuff shot out of me! I ran to my moms room and told her my water broke. Called the hospital and they told me to take my time shower eat then come on in. I was a nervous wreck. We get all checked in at about 6 am and no one felt if I was dialated. Hours went by and the contractions kicked in.

I was in so much pain I didn’t want anything to do with anyone. Nurses told me my water didn’t break and that it just leaked. They also said that I have to start pushing. So around 6 pm nurse had me push. I tried and tried and tried. Told her the pain was too much. Asked for epidural, which I had a panic attack before he did anything. Scary to think this huge needle was about to be in my back.

Once I calmed down after 20 minutes they finally got it in and I felt great! Between 9-10 pm she had tanyame push again. I just couldn’t do it. I finally pushed out a pocket of water. It felt and sounded like some threw a water balloon at me. I was discouraged at this point. Pain came back so they gave me some more of my epidural. The nurse gave me entirely way to much so I couldn’t push. We took a 3 hour nap (finally) and at this point all the pain was back.

My OB came in and told me I have to get this baby out or I will have to have a c-section. I did not want that at all. It was a huge fear for me. So at about 1 am I pushed and kept going. Making no progress. Tried every position there was to get my son out. I have given up at this point. We took another break and then my nurse said its go time. I have to get him out or I will be in for a c-section. I felt my son kick me super hard and just knew he wanted out this time. I pushed again and again…. next thing you know my OB was ready to get him out! After 25 hours of painfully mental and physical my son arrived. 6:43 am on March 31, 2014! 8lbs 6oz the love of my life finally arrived!

Thank you ladies all SO much for these amazing stories you shared with us!

You are all troopers and gave some great insight with your unique experiences.

Anyone reading, If you would like to share your birth stories or have any comments, please post below!


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