What are YooTooz? Check them out!

Youtooz is a unique company that creates collectible vinyl figures based on popular internet personalities, video game characters, and other pop culture icons. Since its inception in 2019, Youtooz has gained a loyal following among collectors and enthusiasts who appreciate the company’s attention to detail and commitment to quality.


The Youtooz figures are designed to capture the essence of the characters they represent, with each figure carefully crafted to showcase the unique traits and features that make them so memorable. From their facial expressions to their clothing and accessories, the figures are packed with details that will delight fans and collectors alike.

One of the things that sets Youtooz apart from other collectible figure companies is its commitment to authenticity. Youtooz works closely with the creators and influencers who inspire the figures, ensuring that each figure is true to the original source material. This attention to detail extends to the packaging as well, with each figure shipped in a specially designed box that features custom artwork and details that tie in with the character.

Another unique aspect of Youtooz is the company’s approach to community engagement. Youtooz regularly collaborates with creators and influencers to create limited-edition figures that are only available for a short period of time. This creates a sense of exclusivity and urgency that drives collectors to add these figures to their collections as soon as possible.

In addition to its standard lineup of figures, Youtooz also offers “chase” variants, which are limited-edition figures that feature rare and unique designs. These chase figures are highly sought after by collectors and can often fetch high prices on secondary markets.

Overall, Youtooz has quickly become a go-to destination for collectors and fans of internet culture and pop culture alike. With its commitment to quality and authenticity, and its unique approach to community engagement, Youtooz is poised to continue to be a major player in the collectible figure space for years to come.


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