Vegetable Dip Stuffing

Well, first off let me start by saying this was a compete mistake. A brilliant mistake, but a mistake nonetheless.

I was making vegetable dip with lipton secrets vegetable dip to add to my pumpernickel bread loaf, and stove top stuffing at the same time.

I must admit, I was cooking dinner, making the dip, and starting my rugula dough for tomorrow all at the same time, but if you know me that’s the norm.

I accidently poured the stuffing mix and the vegetable dip into the same bowl and oops, a masterpiece was born.

I like to call this “Oops Vegetable Dip Stuffing” now that I’ve accidently created it . This is a great way to brighten up boring stuffing!

1 packet lipton recipe secrets mix

1 box stouffers stuffing any flavor.

Add the dry ingredients to the water and fluff like normal. That’s it! You’re brilliant now.

Like Missy Elliot said:

Start it, cook it, mess it, watch it
Turn it, leave it, stop, pour packet,
Touch it, bring it, think it, watch it
Turn it, leave it, stop, post about it 😃


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