Christmas Simple Sweets & Treats

Here are some adorable Christmas snacks to make with your kids and have at home, take to school, or to a festive Christmas party.

Reindeer Cookies;

Top fudge stripe cookies with 2 dots of cookie icing. I used white but preferable is chocolate. Attach the mini pretzels like ears on to of the cookie icing to dry. Add another dot of icing and stick on a mini nilla wafer covering the cookie hole. Attach a red m&m face down as a nose, and some pre-made candy eye balls and that’s all! Super easy, and super cute and fun.

Snowman Cheese Ball;

Another easy but super cute party snack. Make the cheese balls by mixing 2 blocks of cream cheese with 1/2 a bag of shredded cheddar cheese, a 1/2 packet of kraft Mac n cheese dried cheese OR a half packet of dried ranch powder whichever you’d prefer. I like to add pickeled jalapeños to mine along with some of the juice and bacon. Roll into 2 balls in plastic wrap, making one just a bit smaller than the other so the snowman can be shaped later. Put them in the fridge for 2-3 hours. Then unwrap and roll them in shredded mozzarella cheese. Stack and add a slice carrot for the nose, and whole black peppercorns for the mouth, eyes, and buttons. Then I topped his head with a red sugar cookie and a red chocolate kiss to make him look extra cute!

Christmas “potpourri”;

Now this isn’t a much of a snack as it is a beautiful aroma if you want to make your house smell like Christmas. Add a bag of whole cranberries, water to cover, spices of 2 oranges, and 2-3 while cinnamon sticks. Heat on low for 4 hours and enjoy as it makes your home smell like beautiful Christmas spirit! Keep adding water as needed and if you want you can eat the cranberry sauce it makes after.


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