Holiday Gift 2021 Alert No. 1: Game Night In A Can Special Edition

Barry and Jason Games Celebrates 5th Anniversary of Game Night In A Can with Special Edition

The 1st “New” item on my 5 weeks until Christmas list is here!

The game that kicks the can out of any other family game night game celebrates its 5th Anniversary! Barry & Jason Games and Entertainment’s Game Night In A Can celebrates its 5th successful year with a special edition of the hit game.

Game Night In A Can – 5th Anniversary (MSRP $22.99 for ages 7+) is a brand-new shiny gold edition with all new magical art, gold, silver, and bronze medals, and 35 party-starting games of creativity and skill.

In this glorified version of the classic Game Night In A Can, Barry & Jason Games challenge families and friends to pop the top of this ultimate party game for an awesomely creative time for all ages and any number of players. Creative challenges include competitively flying paper airplanes, performing ghost stories about the room you’re in, creating brand new animal species for the last spot on Noah’s Ark, banking balls of paper off your partner’s face and many more all new activity challenges.

Jason Lautenschleger, the Jason of Barry & Jason Games, explained, “We wanted to do something special for game night fans and we were able to pack even more creative prompts and hilarious activities into this game. The 5th Anniversary Game Night In A Can is so versatile. It’s perfect for any occasion from adult dinner parties to tween sleepover birthdays to multi-generational big family reunions. We’re so pleased to have it in stock for consumers before the holidays.”

Game Night In A Can 5th Anniversary joins the company’s other award-winning, top-selling games that include Anchorman: The GameDr. Biscuits’ Radical Road Trip, and Bill & Ted’s Excellent Historical Trivia Travel Game, among others.

About Barry & Jason Games and Entertainment: Barry McLaughlin and Jason Lautenschleger, the toy inventors behind this party game, met on their first day of college 24 years ago, and have been collaborating ever since. After being contestants on 10 game shows between them (Jeopardy! for Jason, and a Showcase Showdown win on The Price is Right for Barry) they decided to host their own game nights, which quickly turned into their first party game Game Night in a Can. They followed that up with Toy Industry Association’s Toy of the Year Finalist Dr. Biscuits’ Radical Road Trip, a unique travel game.

Find more information at and interact on FacebookInstagram and YouTube.


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