Meadowlands Mega Site Vaccine Experience

I’m sure you’re like me, nervous to get your Covid Vaccine and even more nervous if it’s at a “Mega Site”.

How busy will it be? Will I get lost? Is it a Covid-19 safe environment?

Well I was lucky enough to get my vaccine appointment at the Meadowlands Mega Site in New Jersey. From what I understand, they only have been giving Pfizer there as of now so if you have an appointment, it’s most likely Pfizer.

Get there only a half hour ahead of time because the call in 30 hour increments (usually). If you have a choice, try to go early afternoon. Both times I’ve gone first and 2nd dose were early afternoon at 11/12. I noticed a line forming both times on the way out.

Both times it took me under an hour to get in and out.

No outside line but times I sent, but my sister and others I’ve talked to who went said the like was 800 people plus when the went later in the day and it still only took 45 minutes so don’t get discouraged.

You need ID and proof of appointment time for the national guard outside to let you in at your time. You cannot bring anyone in with you if they don’t have an appointment unless it’s a child and I’m not sure on age cap.

You need your ID and insurance card out when you guys get inside of the building and they check your temperature.

They are extremely organized inside and you go to a “check in” desk where they give you a vaccine card and then schedule your 2nd appointment. NOTE you CAN ask for a different date and they’re very flexible. If you don’t want a weekday you can ask for the weekend, vs versa. But be vocal right away or else you get what you get.

Then you go straight to the vaccine tables, there are at least 30 and they move very quickly. They fill out your vaccine card here too right after you get it. Make sure you get it in the arm you least likely use because within 12 hours it will start to get sore… think tetanus shot sore.

Then you go to a self timed 15 minute waiting area (they have a 30 minute too I assume for more at risk groups with known allergies). Set your phone timer to 15 minutes, and then when you’re done, you leave that’s it.

The parking lot is lot M and you can’t miss it with all of the blinking lights and signs saying vaccine.

I got lost both times getting to Meadowlands area that is in though but you actually park next to the metlife building so I suggest you just put in directions for Metlife stadium and you should be good from there.

This is the outside line entering the building at 1130 on a Saturday. Empty.


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