Build-A-Bear Fun! – Marvel Characters


I had received a gift card for $40 to Build-a-Bear from in exchange for my review of the product. I had also gotten a $5 off $25 coupon (get yours at which really brought the total to $45.

I was given the option to do super heros, my little pony, or Disney palace pets.

Being that I have 2 boys, well…

We chose the Super Heros!!!

The unstuffed bears themselves weren’t too pricey at $25. The kids bring them over to the stuffing machine where a worker of the”workshop” is eagerly waiting to get to stuffin’. It is a cute process where the kids get to step on the pedal to help stuff the bear and watch their slouchy little piece of fuzz turn into a nice size stuffed bear. They get to choose a heart for free in which they go through a “ritual” of kissing the heart, and giving it your muscles, and more. Then, there are some other items which I did not purchase, that can also be added at this stage. There are new scents that can be inserted into it to make the bear aromatic. There is a record-able device which you can record a message (really cute, but pricey) I would use maybe if it were a gift.

Then, there are the ADORABLE tiny little bear size clothes. Being that we chose a Spiderman and Captain America themed bear(s), we kept with the theme for the clothing, but there were numerous option – full sets or odds and ends to put together including hip sunglasses!.

After you choose the option wardrobe, you can choose to give your bear a bath in the tun which is really justa bunch of paper and plastic parts, but cute for the kids to wash their “naked” bear before dressing it.

After the bath and dressing, its on to the birth certificate before it can go home with you.
You scan the barcode, and it fills out the bears height, weight, eye color and every fur color for you! They get to name the bear whatever they’d like, and the birth date is the day you created it automatically on there. Then, the childs name appears as the owner.

The certificate prints out at the register, and you get a cute little box “home” for your little one to gleefully carry their new bear out of the store. These are cute because the bear can be stored in there or if it is a gift, it can be wrapped in its “home”.

Overall, we spent $77 on 2 bears after coupons, which is a LOT for stuffed animals. I feel it is a bit overpriced when you start getting into the misc items such as clothes and accessories, but the smiles on the kids faces are worth it.

The experience is certainly something all kids should do at least once.

#BuildABearFriend & enjoy the interactive and unique experience with them! #freesamp


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