Influenster – what’s in the box?


I got this Influenster voxbox in the mail today, and at first I thought it was the new Tresemme’ one that I am expecting. To my surprise it wasn’t! So what is in it?  Let’s check it out!!!

20141206_125408It was actually from the Neosporin brand badge that I won from getting the TLC Voxbox. It has a ton of full size products from Neosporin brand as a thank you for completing specific tasks.So exciting! Lets take a closer look…


My kids are going to LOVE The Muppets band-aids. We saw The Muppets movie in the theater this past Summer, so my son is very familiar with them. Whenever I see Band-Aid I can’t help but sing the commercial song “I am stuck on Band-aid brand so germs don’t stick on me!”. I didn’t realize that they were the same company as Neosporin. Cool!


What mom can live without this? The good ol’ normal, Neosporin. I always have some on hand, so this will certainly be put to use!


I haven’t seen or used this product before today. Its an antiseptic foam made by Neosporin. It is made for kids and promises not to sting. I look forward to trying this out!


A box of flexible fabric band-aids which are my absolute favorite (next to the antiseptic band-aids with neosporin built in the pads) so I am so happy these were included in this package. They’re so comfortable and stick on really well.


The next item is Bengay “Zero Degrees” which I also have never used or heard of. It is a pain relieve that is similar in looksto a gel deodorant. It says you should freeze it after the first use, so I am not sure if it stays a gel or how it works. Still, it’s greatto have around just in case!


Lastly, there is this Neosporin Eczema Essentials Daily Moisturizing cream. I haven’t tried this either, but I know it goes for about $12 at Walmart, even more at other stores. Hopefully it’ll help with my dry, cracked skin on my hands from this Winter already (and it’s only started!). This is definitely good to have this time of year.


Overall, I am so happy about all of these products I received and I am thankful to Neosporin company and Influenster for choosing me as a brand badge winner!

Check some of these products out for yourself and check out

20141206_125910 20141206_125824


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