Annual Matching Christmas Pajamas

This is becoming more and more of a thing I am seeing – Matching Christmas Pajamas, and I love it! We’ve been doing this for a few years now and it just makes for so much fun.

This year, I chose the “You Serious Clark?” pajamas from iffei since we all love National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. We love the movie, and the white color was just what I was feeling this year (last year we did elves). The print on the pants is so cute, Christmas trees on top of a red family vehicle, it just reminds me of Christmas spirit.

Getting ready to do the photos is always so much fun. We do not do it often on our own, so setting up the ring light, the tripod, getting the lighting and angle correct, and having everything laid out correctly is always a task but we make the best of it.

My boys both love when we all get together to do a family Christmas PJ photo. They have fun with it and it becomes a silly time. Even the dogs like to join in on the fun in front of the tree!

You still have time to order your pajamas on Amazon from the iffei store. They have so many cute options, and what’s best is they are super cozy and true to size.

For us, my hubby got a men’s medium, my kids got size 9 and medium boys, and I got a womans small. All fit just perfect.

These are just perfect for holiday school pajama days or even just for Christmas eve/day. Order yours today to have in time for Christmas and let me know which style you chose!

FB:iffei. official

IG: iffei_official

Amazon Website: 

Official Website:


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