Matching Family Holiday Pajamas by IFFEI

Everything is much different this year with Covid. We had to cancel our family photos this year, or at least delay them past the holidays, but that did not stop us from having our own family photo session and nothing makes for a great holiday photo session like matching family pajamas.

We actually did them last year too so it’s become sort of a tradition for us. I’m thankful we did because the made for great Christmas cards this year that I’ll be sending out to friends and family next week.

IFFEI has some of the best styles around to choose from, so many and their sizes are perfect for most families. We went with the “What the Elf” ones this year but it was so hard to choose. We got 10-11 for both boys, medium womans for me, and large men’s for my husband because he likes them alittle big. They fit perfectly. Tylers were a tiny but big, but he’ll grow into them for next year and can still wear them comfortably this year too, so it’s even better.

The quality of the pajamas is much more than you’d expect for the price. The white portion of the pants is not see through, but breathable and not too hot. The top green is the same, it stretches if needed, but it’s a soft cotton feeling material.

I mean, I can’t get over how much these matching family pajamas really made it feel like the holidays even though Thanksgiving isn’t even here yet. We had so much fun doing this shoot to show these off to you that we forgot we were “working” on this post to show you. As a parent, I will cherish these photos for years to come and week certainly be sharing this cuteness all over my social media and family texts.

Even my 12 year old got into the spirit. I haven’t seen him smile that much in a while and it was so nice to see both boys getting along genuinely and not staring at their electronics.

Check out all of the styles they have to offer of matching Christmas pajamas on their official IFFEI store. As with most Amazon offerings, most of these are prime and you can have them in just a couple of days. There’s still time to do your own little photo shoot and create an awesome Christmas card to get out. Don’t let Covid stop you from enjoying this special family time.

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