Two Ingredient Oreo Truffles


Two Ingredient Oreo Truffles

All you need to make these mouthwatering Oreo Truffles is 1, 8 oz package of softened cream cheese 20150603_112045

And 1 package of original Oreos.


I used my stand mixer this time, but have done it in the past by hand. The easiest way to do it by hand is to crush the Oreos in a ziplock back (I use a hammer hehe) before adding to the cream cheese.

Add both ingredients and mix on low speed until smooth



(If you wanted to make Oreo Icing, you can add less cookies to cream cheese ratio and you’ll get a yummy oreo cream cheese icing).


The fun part is next! Take out even spoonfuls of the mixture, and roll into balls using your CLEAN hands. Try using a spoon or something that can allow you to have even sized balls. Place on parchment paper lined tray and refrigerate for 30 minutes uncovered.


Removed from refrigerator and decorate with chocolate! I used the yellow colored white melting chocolate and non parel sprinkles for these, but my absolute favorite is milk chocolate covered Oreo Truffles. 20150603_120808

If you wanted, you can even add a stick (dip the stick into the chocolate then into the ball and cool before dipping fully into the rest of the chocolate). Refrigerate until chocolate hardens. The Oreo Truffles should be kept cool until consumed.

TIP: Make the balls much smaller so that they’re not too heavy on the stick.20150603_153114

The last step; ENJOY!


* This recipe makes about 25 Cake Pop sized Oreo Truffles. You can half the recipe and make a smaller batch or make the truffles smaller.


Kale Chips Recipe Plus win a $250 Visa Gift Card



You can win a $250 Visa Gift Card just by learning to make Kale Chips and #Shakeyourkale!

Watch the video below for details on recipe and of course how to enter the contest.

Make sure to do your own video of shaking your kale “Make your own Kale Chips” by the Kitchen Twins ($3.99 at your local grocer – Shoprite, Pennington, etc..) and tag Itz_Cheryl and KitchenTwins on Instagram and hashtag #ShakeyourKale and #NJBlogger to be eligible to win.

Anyone can enter but purchase of product is necessary. Contest is valid from 5/16 and the winner will be randomly chosen from the hashtags on June 1st.

A tip; I also now buy this “Make your own Kale Chips” bag of triple washed Kale instead of the fresh Kale at the store when using it in my other recipes. It is so fresh and crispy, already washed thoroughly, and I can make some Kale Chip appetizers while using the rest of my Kale in my entree’!

Good Luck and happy Shaking!

Some Bunny loves you Cake

This adorable cake is so easy to make to bring to a friend’s home, have a fun bake night with the kids, or just for yourself (No one is judging! Hehe). No matter what, it’s sure to say “Some bunny loves you”!

Just follow these simple steps below. You can use any cake or icing. The fur on this bunny is made by using coconut but you can omit it if you’re not a fan and it’ll still be just as adorable!






You can display it just as above by simply adding some paper bunny ears or you can dress it up a bit more fancy with some scenery.

The photos above are courtesy of Bob’s Red Mill organic products. If you’d like to make your own cake batter and icing, you can check out their recipe below!


“Out of the basket” Easter Fun

I have been thinking about some fun things to do with/for my 2 and 6 year old for Easter this year aside from hiding and coloring eggs (which we will be doing as well). We have a family tradition of going to Keansburg, which is a local, small amusement part that celebrates it’s first day of the year open on Easter. I have found a few cute ideas that I may do this year in addition to that;

That funny bunny” – Similar to the elf on the shelf for Christmas time, you would make believe on Easter morning that the Easter bunny was naughty and transformed your family pictures into bunny families! I think this is very cute and the kids would have a fun time looking for the funny things the bunny did overnight while they slept.



Carrots are a treat” – Just like the Christmas tradition of leaving cookies for Santa, get a little healthy with leaving some carrots (and maybe some ranch dip!) for the Easter bunny. The kids will be excited to see the bite the bunny took out of it!


Cookies and Milk” – Enjoy some home made cookies & have a blast making them with your kids! This easy recipe consists of store bought rolled dough (sugar cookies), some tiny fingers creating paws, and a touch of corn syrup to wet and stick some pastel colored sugar sprinkles! Your children are sure to love these cookies, beginning to end.


Turn it up a notch and pair with some pastel colored milk (only a drop or 2 will do!) milk

Maybe some pastel pancakes….

images (1)

And some deviled eggs!

images (2)

And these cute, adorable, goldfish “Carrots”!IMG_3606

I hope you were able to find some of these ideas useful as well!!