Dino Days of Summer at Liberty Science Center – GIVEAWAY!


Today we visited the Liberty Science Center in Jersey City thanks to @Jerseymomblog and it was so much fun! If you have kept up with my blog these past few years,  you know its a favorite of ours (see my post on the infinity climber launch!)

Every time I go to the Liberty Science Center it’s like nostalgia for me. I remember when it first opened in 1993, we took a field trip there for my second grade class. Back then it seemed so huge and never ending and now going as an adult it seems much smaller then I remember, but still so much packed into it and off course it’s always changing. I love knowing that my kids see it as I used to when I was younger, a world of amazing science and knowledge.


Today’s agenda was the brand new “Dino Dig” exhibit.  With a huge focus on real replicas of dinosaurs and fossils, families can get in and dig deep for fossils outdoors and see real scale size dinosaur bones.


I found it amazing that they took actual bones and fossils and casted them to create actual detailed replicas of the real things. It’s the closest to being a real paleontologist that you and your child can get without actually being one.  And what’s better than digging up dino-bones and fossils then doing it with a backdrop of NYC behind you?!


The Dino Dig Exhibit will run now through September 4th 2017.

Channel your inner paleontologist by digging fossils in 35 tons of sand at “Jack Horner’s Dino Dig. Meet Mac’s scariest residents and learn about the relationship with dinosaurs and reptiles.  Practice removing fossils from blocks of rocks and touch a creature that’s been around LONGER than a dinosaur,  horseshoe crabs!

Kids wearing dinosaur themed clothing can save $5 on child admission tickets during the Dino days of Summer!

Tickets are $21.75 For adults and $17.75 for children (2-12).  For more information visit LSC.org

I have a family 4 pack of tickets to give away to one lucky winner! You can use them to visit the LSC and enjoy the Dino Dig exhibit,  or one of the upcoming exhibits that will be there the following days;

Mythbusters: The Explosive Exhibition – Now-Sept 4

Star Trek: The Starfleet Academy Experience – Opening October 28, 2017

Block Party Encore – Now – Sept 10

Thomas The train & friends: Explore the rails – Opening Sept 23, 2017.

Enter to win now until August 1st and let me know below what exhibit you’re most excited about!





Also,  during our visit today,  we were greeted by the most amazing balloon dinosaurs.  Check out Twinsters Creations serving all Northern NJ – Twinsterscreations@gmail.com

*As a Liberty Science Center Blog Ambassador for the day, i have been provided with complimentary entry in exchange for my coverage.


Top picks from the 2017 New York Baby Show with over $50 in giveaways!


Every year,  the biggest companies get together for what is known as the NY Baby Show. 

Mommy-to-be’s and veteran moms alike scouting the venue for the hottest new items for baby and mom, and once again Momtrends has hosted some of us mom’s for a special day of pampering and mingling so that we can bring the show to you if you couldn’t attend.

There are over 100 vendors,  and with so much to see and talk about,  I’ve narrowed it down to my top 3 favorites for you.


#1 is the Austlen stroller.  1 word – VERSATILITY! With over 30 handy configurations,  this is the future of strollers and should be at the top of every parents wish list. Check out just a few of the life altering configurations… you’ll wonder how you ever did “life” without it. (Photos via Austlen.com)








This handy dandy stroller can hold up to 150lbs of groceries,  kids, and hey… I won’t judge if you want to take a seat😊.

Luxury does come at a steep price though… at a whopping  $849, it comes in either black or navy blue. Assuming you can afford this #1 pick,  at least you can justify it by the fact it’ll make hope life easier, and happy wife = happy life and all..


#2 is the ergoPouch. It’s no wonder it originated in the ‘down under’. It reminds me of a kangaroo pouch mixed with a swaddle blanket. Enter to win a ergoCocoon swaddle to sleep bag valued at $34.99!

> > > ENTER NOW! < < <

We’ve all seen the swaddle at babies r’ us and various other places,  so what makes ergoPouch different? Well, they’re made from natural fibers which make them breathable and regulate temperature which are two of the most important things.  I can remember “unwrapping” my babies after they slept all night swaddled and every time they were drenched in sweat.

This also makes them perfect for any weather and eliminate the need for extra blankets.  They have sleep sacks for infants,  and even these adorable toddler sleep suits that make the transition from passed out toddler,  to sleeping cozy toddler a breeze.

Check out their neat categories, I promise you’ll want one for your sweet little one. (Photos via Ergopouch.com)






The best part? All that cuteness will only run you between $20-$35, that is assuming you can control yourself and only buy one 😉..


#3 is Wellements Baby Organic Gripe Water aka the organic way to very more cuddles! Enter to WIN a gift from Wellements (entries taken until 6/7).

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I think every new parent looks for a miracle to help their baby when that first fussy fit arrives.  Typically during te first week home from the hospital, adjusting to life and formula/breastmilk, your new baby is bound to fuss a bit. Typically,  tiny gas bubbles are the problem and they can be fixed with mylicon drops of fennel when my boys were young.

Now,  there is an organic alternative that doesn’t only help with gas,  but any uncomfort your babies belly may feel, even hiccups! (Via Wellementsbaby.com)



Lastly,  special shout out to water wipes. We try to keep our babies butts clear,  but what if the wipes we are using are the ones causing the nasty rashes we rush to cure? Water wipes relieves the stress of that,  pure and simple.

From my Heart to yours – Go Red for Women AND CHILDREN


My son recently came home from school with materials and information for The American Heart Association. It brought up some memories for me and I felt inspired to share my experiences in order to facilitate awareness.

A faculty member at my son’s school has a personal tie to the AHA as do I. Although I personally haven’t suffered from a heart defect, my baby-sister passed away from congenital heart disease at just 5 months old in 1990. To this day, it still boggles my mind as to why and how for 5 months and numerous doctor check-ups since birth, they deemed her a “healthy” baby girl.

Suddenly my sister started screaming, which my mother responded to by bringing her to our pediatrician.  He cleared her to go home and said that she was fine and just crying due to possible gas pain. Keep in mind, he checked her heartbeat during this visit.

Just an hour after the appointment, my 5-month-old sister started turning blue. She wasn’t breathing properly and my mother rushed her to the hospital, again. They took her in immediately and started CPR. She had to get emergency surgery. Luckily she made it through the initial surgery to fix her heart, but she wasn’t out of the woods yet. An hour after surgery, her little body was not coping well. She was rushed in to get another emergency surgery. The procedure would take her away from us and change the lives of my family forever. Unfortunately, my baby sister Michelle passed away that day in the hospital.

My mother filed a lawsuit against the pediatrician who had been seeing my baby sister since birth. He was also my pediatrician since birth. How did he not realize anything was wrong? If he would’ve paid attention to her irregular heartbeat instead of rushing her newborn appointments, maybe they would’ve caught this sooner? He saw her just that day, hours before she was in the hospital getting immediate open heart surgery and diagnosed with congenital heart disease. My parents fought him in court, and they LOST. Yes. They lost their infant daughter to a disease they couldn’t possibly diagnose themselves to a man they entrusted with her well being and overall health. She had no other visible symptoms on the outside (other then being more cranky then myself or my brother were.)

All of this made it very difficult for me when I became a mother myself and had my newborn baby home with me. To be on the safe side, a few weeks after my first sons birth, I had scheduled a full heart scan due to genetics’ role in heart disease in young children. People thought I was crazy, but I’d rather be safe than sorry and not leave it to chance.

Although the fight for my sister both during life and after death was lost, the fight against heart disease could be won through organizations like the American Heart Association. Thanks to the AHA, and generous donations they’ve received, there is more information on how to detect heart defects in the womb, allowing Doctor’s the opportunity to identify life-threatening issues.

FACTS (source Web MD):

Congenital heart disease is a category of heart disease that includes abnormalities in cardiovascular structures that occur before birth.

These defects occur while the fetus is developing in the uterus and may affect approximately 1 in 100 children.

Congenital heart defects may produce symptoms at birth, during childhood, or not until adulthood.  Other congenital defects may cause no symptoms.

About 500,000 adults in the U.S. have congenital heart disease.

The risk of having a child with congenital heart disease may double if a parent or a sibling has a congenital heart defect.

My personal story in this blog is offered with hope that you will take time to educate yourself on the human heart and know the signs and symptoms of diseases associated with the heart. Disease that can affect all ages, not just the elderly.

Today February 6th 2015 is National Wear Red day, and I ask you all to wear red to raise awareness.


Macy’s is a national sponsor of Go Red For Women. Wednesday, Feb. 4, through Monday, Feb. 16, Macy’s will sell its exclusive Red Dress Pin in stores for $2 each with all proceeds donated to Go Red For Women.  Additionally, Macy’s will offer a variety of products benefiting the American Heart Association throughout February.