THE Holiday RIDE is Ready To Roll. November 27.

(New York City, October 2021)  On Saturday, November 27, 2021 THE RIDE’S Holiday Edition will celebrate its Tenth Anniversary.

With a new determination to celebrate New York re-invented, the HOLIDAY RIDE will begin Preview Performances on Friday, November 12th at 5:30pm when Alexis Qualls, Director of Operations has scheduled the iconic Theatre-on-Wheels’ Tenth Anniversary Roll-Out into New York City’s brave new world.

THE RIDE Holiday Edition will continue through Sunday, January 2, 2022.

Just coming off his Staten Island triumph, EYES ON NEW YORK, producer, director, author, Co-CEO, CCO, Richard Humphrey is simultaneously preparing another four multi-million-dollar motor coaches for a yet-to-be-announced distant city in the Far East.

Mr. Humphrey’s Tenth Anniversary Holiday Edition will cement THE RIDE’S Proprietary Experiential Technology worldwide. 

With seven TripAdvisor® Certificates of Excellence Awards and a Drama Desk Award nomination for Unique Theatrical Experience, THE RIDE is about to reclaim the streets of New York as its trillion-dollar-stage.

After 20 months, the Mayor’s Office has given Mr. Humphrey the “all clear” and he is ready to repeat his heretofore sold-out success and unqualified critical acclaim.
Celebrating the celestial lights of Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanza, tickets for THE RIDE Holiday Edition have historically been pre-ordered in record numbers.

The Box Office is reporting a very brisk start, as we speak.

The next 1,000,000 Riders are already starting to order their tickets.

THE RIDE’S first 1,000,000th Rider boarded the bus on February 25, 2020.

Three and a half weeks later, COVID-19 struck.

Well.  The HOLIDAY RIDE is back.  On its Tenth Anniversary.

And will continue to be a key ingredient of the Holiday Magic of New York City and the Season’s most sought after Family Event.

THE RIDE’S concept is a brainstorm of design that has resulted in a fleet of multi-million dollar motor coaches whose interiors are a state-of-the-art wonderland of electronic wizardry that guide 49 dazzled tourists and native New Yorkers around the most fascinating city in the world.

The original genius was its realization that the streets of Manhattan are a trillion-dollar, fifty-mile stage exhibiting the most riveting visuals on earth.

Guided by two Gold Star Hosts, while adding its own award-winning actors, singers and dancers to the crowded mix on the streets, the huge motor coaches deliver a show worthy of the standing ovations and group euphoria that result at the end of each RIDE. 
The Holiday Edition is a 21st Century Sleigh Ride that begins aboard THE RIDE’S patented, 1.5 million dollar travelling theaters with technology galore and floor-to-ceiling gigantic glass windows featuring VIP seating that faces the streets of New York.

It’s like being in a gigantic movie.

Original seasonal music, videos and hilarious Hosts support the dazzling Holiday performances along the 4.2 mile journey through Midtown New York.

The electric wizardry of New York’s Holiday brilliance is only eclipsed by the stars in the winter skies and the sparks of joy from within THE Holiday RIDE’S toasty warm Motor Coaches as they escort their audiences around the glorious City of Lights.
Three Seasons ago, two periodicals questioned whether the audience members on THE RIDE took more photos of the New Yorkers on the sidewalks than those very New Yorkers took of the RIDERS inside the gigantic windows.
The subject of acclaimed Holiday Specials on both WABC-TV and ClearVISION, THE Holiday RIDE will dazzle its RIDERS with a custom designed exterior wrap, a vibrant route highlighting the finest of New York’s breathtaking Holiday decorations, new content, new seasonal videos, a dedicated soundtrack, a commissioned score, new cast members and especially choreographed performance events.
THE RIDE Holiday Edition wraps New York in a big bow for you, your family and your friends to open together.  

‘O, What Fun It Is To Ride!’

Holiday Tickets  

Individual Tickets:

Group Tickets:
 1-646-661-7699  x142

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