Bendy and the Ink Machine Birthday Party


Anyone else have a child who picks the most odd themes that they want for their birthday party?

My son dropped on me that he really wants to have a Bendy and the Ink Machine birthday party in our yard this year for his birthday next month.  And guess what,  there aren’t any party supplies at all for it at retail stores.

I know that he loves it,  and he watches the videos on you tube,  so guess what? This mommy has to do what mommy has to do to make it happen! Make it!

I decided to do like I did last year when he wanted to have a Five Nights at Freddy’s themed party and the were limited decorations to choose from.  Large cardboard cut outs! Very simple and the best part,  the kids can do most of the work. It isn’t child labor if they request to do it right??!? LOL. Just kidding.  He was so excited to get to work on it.


The first step we did was getting the images to print out in a larger then one paper format. We used a free site called which helps you convert the images easily to multiple pages to create a poster.

Then we cut each piece of paper out and organized them together. 20180421_091641.jpg

Look how great my little boy was doing. Yes, he really did this all himself!

Then, we used anything we had around the house that can act as a sturdy back for the image. We had one piece of a gift box,  and some previously used shipping boxes that we cut to lay flat.


Then you just glue each piece on order,  let them dry, and cut them out on the box.  We also cut eyes holes out so that the kids can use them as masks.

For the happy birthday banner,  I used my cricut explore and downloaded the banner file I liked for .99 cents.

I already had some cool vintage looking card stock on hand so it worked perfectly for this theme.

Also,  to make it more fit the theme, I printed some of the images I found online of the characters and cut them on sticker paper that you can get at any craft store.

I have added the Bendy & The Ink Machine Birthday Party Invitation to my Etsy Store if you’d like to order! Digital File will be personalized for you! Click the image below!

Bendy and the Ink Machine Invite.png

It was a little time consuming,  but fun to put together.


Here are some pictures of the FNAF them cutouts and party we did last year!






6 thoughts on “Bendy and the Ink Machine Birthday Party

  1. My 5 year old decided he wanted a Muppet party this year and the decorations were extremely limited. I love the idea of making your own cardboard decorations.


  2. OMG!!! I feel your pain. My son wanted a minecraft birthday party 2 years ago (mind you that no one had any décor for!!!) last year was FNAF thank GOD Wal-Mart had this stuff in stock. This year he wants BENDY. I am so glad I found your page!


  3. where did you find the pictures? and did you play any games? I think FNAF last year was easier than this one as I know nothing about it.


    1. Pictures just through google for personal use.

      We did a balloon artist and face painter who was able to do bendy for both the balloons and paint.

      We also did musical chairs type of game without chairs and used the sprinkler for theren to walk in a circle. The water was supposed to be the “ink”. Whoever was in front of the water and got sprayed was out.


  4. We printed all our banners on high quality banner material that are purchased locally from our dealers in Western Australia. The banners at Banner House are printed with state of art Roland Printers using genuine Eco-solvent inks to give the best of quality and colour vibrancy.


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